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  • And also on that trail, we found some broken bricks and cement blocks.

    DaughterOfApollo May 6 '12, 2:52PM
  • I got Healing and one thing doesn't match my personality. It's optimistic. I can be both and I'm more like a "the glass is half empty" type of person. But I can be optimistic, if everyone else is negative. I just like to go against the crowd and do the opposite of everyone. I thought my power would be telling the future because- (I know that this is gonna sound crazy and weird and fake but trust me, it's happened)- I can sometimes see the future in my dreams. Yeah, crazy right? But in one of my dreams I was running with my friend on this trail. (we're in cross country). And then we were being chased by some guys on bikes and we found bricks on the trail. And then I woke up. And on the next day during cross country practice, me and my friend were running on this bike path and we found a trail. So, naturally, we decided to explore and it loops back to the bike path. And before we got off the trail, some guys with bikes go really fast down th bike path. Yeah, I know it probably sounds crazy, but it did happen, trust me.

    DaughterOfApollo May 6 '12, 2:51PM

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