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  • 2c yo

    lovefrombadlands May 27 '18, 11:45PM
  • Why do all the celebrities have afro hair or curly hair it said I had curly hair but mines super straight

    Porgs May 3 '18, 1:36PM
  • It was wrong for me

    Raven Rabbit Apr 18 '18, 10:43AM
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    alioops Apr 8 '18, 2:08PM
  • Type 2A. Amazing quiz!

    BCJfan Jun 28 '16, 9:22PM
  • I have to buy a satin pillow case now :$
    Actually good hair tips ! Thanks, I love it 10/10

    natuhleegayle Oct 26 '11, 9:29PM
  • Wow nice cuz my hair can get kind of curly or stright

    xxemogirlxx111 Aug 26 '11, 7:10PM
  • woah so true! - 2b

    jeshaz98 Aug 19 '11, 2:14PM
  • you have type 2a.

    resultYou have fine, thin, and very easy to handle hair. It is easy to straighten and curl. A few things you can do with your hair are • Use lighter products such as mousses or gels that enhance curls, but don't weigh them down • Use duckbill clips on the crown of your head to lift top curls • Let hair air dry or use a diffuser • Once your curls are dry, rub a little pomade into the palm of your hands and smooth over your hair gently • Do not use a brush or comb on your dry curls • Reduce tangles by sleeping on a satin pillowcase

    prett y accurate, i guess. My hair is wavy sometimes and sometime straight naturally. It's weird because I almost never curl it, and i have never ever ever straightened it. :P

    anglefish_xD Aug 19 '11, 1:09PM
  • 3c? Um not really xP good quiz 7/10

    lilfreakgryl Aug 19 '11, 3:33AM
  • 3b don't really care about care about the tips and my hair is really really curly not a little bit

    vampiregirl33 Aug 18 '11, 7:22PM
  • 3a, pretty close but my hair is straight

    NikkiNeco Aug 18 '11, 5:57PM
  • 2b, awesome quiz. ^^

    Anastasia Aug 18 '11, 10:27AM
  • 2c... not so much thick or dry but it is super curly!!!

    Lufford Aug 18 '11, 9:32AM
  • I got 3a and thanks. Good quiz, 10/10

    Rockstar123 Aug 18 '11, 4:47AM

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