What is your CSGO skill level?

This quiz is to determine what your rank on CSGO is. The ranks range from Noob/Silver to Gold Novas to Master Guardians to Global Elites. Take the test to find out which skill level best fits you.

How good are you at CSGO? TAKE THE TEST TO FIND OUT IF YOU ARE A SILVER OR A GLOBAL. If you subscribe to my Youtube channel then I will promote your meme page.

Created by: Sirkillurass
  1. How many of the maps do you know front to back in the active duty map pool?
  2. When walking around a map, where do you place your crosshair?
  3. What is your favorite weapon?
  4. What is your least favorite weapon?
  5. What is your favorite P250 Skin?
  6. Do you know all of the callouts for Dust II?
  7. Do you know all of the callouts for Cache?
  8. What is the callout for the back of A site on Dust II nicknamed?
  9. How many bullets does an AK47 hold in a magazine?
  10. How good would you say your game sense is?
  11. If you are a T on Cache about to push through B main onto site, where is the first place you look?
  12. Who is your favorite PRO CSGO Player?

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Quiz topic: What is my CSGO skill level?