The Ant Test How Good Are You At Ant Keeping

There are few people who can actually ant keep can you? It is a rare skill to be able to do it may seem easy but its hard for instance you need the humidity level right and feed them the right foods depending on what they like and what their species is and they must like their home you are giving them.

Are you good at ant keeping can you do this this quiz will determine that can you make an ant colony all by yourself this will determine that hopefully. You should aim for 70% roughly?

Created by: Max Taylor

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  1. How many stomachs does an ant have?
  2. How many legs does an ant have?
  3. What is the scientific name for a common black ant?
  4. What is the name of an ant nest if its man made?
  5. How do ants mainly know where there going?
  6. How old can ant queen live up to at absolute maximum?
  7. How long does an ant queen live normally?
  8. How many eyes does an ant have?
  9. What humidity levels do black garden ants like to live in?
  10. What type of ant is almost as big as the queen?
  11. What do ants get born from?

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Quiz topic: The Ant Test How Good am I At Ant Keeping