What is your chakra nature transformation?

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Nature Transformation ("Change in Chakra Nature") is an advanced form of chakra control. It entails the moulding and defining of one's chakra into an innate kind of chakra nature, altering its properties and characteristics. Nature transformation is one of two necessary techniques for creating a technique, its counterpart being shape transformation.

Are you a Naruto fan? What is your chakra nature transformation? Few shinobi can use both shape manipulation and nature manipulation. In just few minutes you will find out what is it your chakra nature transformation.

Created by: ClaudiuAl3x
  1. For what purpose do you want to use your jutsu?
  2. What country do you prefer?
  3. What range prefer for your jutsu?
  4. What attributes do you prefer for your jutsu?
  5. What do you prefer to use in battle?
  6. What is your preferred jutsu?
  7. What are you afraid of?
  8. What abilities do you prefer?
  9. What do you prefer?
  10. What ninja technique do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: What is my chakra nature transformation?