Which Chakra Nature Fits your Personality Best?

Hey, have you ever wondered what element you'd be? well, you can! this quiz has a lot of the answers for that! there are 16 elements, so lets see what you are!

Created by: Isella Howler
  1. This quiz doesn't have 6 of the 16 elements. Do you mind?
  2. A person is arguing with you. he/she is your best friend. which of these is more like you?
  3. A person bumps you. You say:
  4. Your favorite area:
  5. Your interpretation of a relaxing activity:
  6. You like others.
  7. Are you bored or want to quit this quiz?
  8. If you were given the choise, a million bucks or a bunch of items?
  9. Grrr...
  10. Last question. what's wrong with this statement?

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Quiz topic: Which Chakra Nature Fits my Personality Best?