What chakra are you quiz?

I was motivated to make a quiz about chakra not becuase I understand it but I love anylizing things, but on a lighter not this quiz is somewhat for entertainment puposes only, but it would be nicce to see what chakra you are!

SO what ChakRA are you?!! Would you like to find out! I sure would, wouldin't it be nice to know for sure what chakra you are, well here you can absolutley really find OUT!

Created by: Jason
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What day of the week are you born on?
  2. What is your favorite tradtinal animal?
  3. Which one of my animals in my story are you?
  4. or are you the Monkey in my story?
  5. what chinease year were your born in?
  6. What color is your spirit?
  7. Describe your personalitey?
  8. Describe your enimies personalitey?
  9. describe your karma?
  10. do you love others?

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Quiz topic: What chakra am I quiz?