What's Your Chakra Nature?

Nnnnnaaaaarrrrruuuuutttttooooo!!! Sssssaaaaasssssuuuuukkkkkeeeee!!! And you. Take this quiz and you'll be on your first steps to becoming a Shinobi.

Once you've answered all the questions you need only submit the answers and the results will explain your chakra nature and what it's used for. Have fun.

Created by: Alexander
  1. If someone attacks you on the street what do you do.
  2. What Ninja Rank would you be?
  3. What animal are you?
  4. Why do you want to be a Shinobi?
  5. What is true power?
  6. How do you fight?
  7. You've been defeated by an enemy and taken to their camp what do you do.
  8. What ninja tools would you use?
  9. What's special about you?
  10. You've apprehended an enemy Shinobi... WHAT DO YOU DO.

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Quiz topic: What's my Chakra Nature?