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Are YOU earth, water, fire, or air? When you take this quiz, you will find an accurate discription of your power/element! adfl jawoiefa oisdcoi anewoifna woierh iahdosanf oiasnweoit rfaiosdtoi hntoin TRYING TO MAKE ENOUGH CHARACTERS aldjfawejfoijsdoicoasd

Created by: Gwen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If your parents divorce, your heart will...
  2. Are you beautiful?
  3. Your prefered pet?
  4. You would want to be this type of warrior:
  5. Your prefered type of... thing... yeah...
  7. SOOO, you wanna be a knight? Tell me, if you know... What is the first title as knight-in-training you have before you become a knight
  8. Is your voice as pretty as a nightingale?
  9. What is your birthday NEAREST TO?
  10. Do you like-like someone?
  11. Fave song?
  12. Favorite book?
  13. Strength?
  14. Would you die for your parents?
  15. Your "attitude" is...
  16. Which boy in Holly Avenue do you think is... cute? *coughs* I know no boy is... but the... cutest... (lindy gave me ideas)
  17. Nightmare/Dream what is your dream that you always have?

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