Which Chakra is Blocked?

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It can be very frustrating to feel like you're not making any forward progress. If you're wondering where you might be blocked, this quiz will help you find out where to start your path back to flow!

This chakra assessment is designed to help you start to identify what chakras might not be flowing smoothly. Chakras can be over or under active, though we often only hear about them being blocked or stuck.

Created by: Katy of mindful-u.com
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  1. Do you often feel like your basic needs are not met (food, shelter, clothing etc)
  2. Do you have trouble communicating your thoughts or ideas to others?
  3. When you think about your future, can you clearly envision what you are working toward?
  4. Do you feel connected to your life's purpose?
  5. Do you often feel that you don't deserve for good things to happen to you?
  6. How connected do you feel to your sensuality or sexual nature?
  7. How comfortable are you asking for help to achieve your goals?
  8. Are you more comfortable listening or talking?
  9. How often do you spend time with yourself in silence (no TV, music, phone, etc)
  10. Working towards a goal can be fun!

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