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  • What hobby should you have?
    Your Result: Creative writing 88%

    According to your answers a great hobby for you would be creative writing! Creative writing is perfect for someone who is creative, imaginative, and well read. People who love to read tend to make great writers. Creative writing is a great hobby that improves your writing skills and abilities. One way to begin creative writing is to create some characters and decide what the general plot will be, and then go from there. The fun part is you can write as many stories as you want!

    88% Playing an instrument
    88% Painting
    58% Gardening
    58% Animal training
    44% Photography
    44% Bowling
    30% Weight lifting
    30% Archery
    8% Biking

    I have a couple hobbies my main one is drawing and then I like creative writing too also play piano sometimes also like to sing lol and write songs so ya thats me. Also photography is nice its not something Im that interested in but Im pretty good at taking photos ig aha

  • Great . I got playing an instrument .

    jemah jempot
  • 90% playing an instrument. God NOO!!! I am horrible at that>.


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