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  • Your Result: Your inner world says you could be a famous leader 64%

    You know how to organize things, and keep things straight, you know that nothing is achieved without team work, but everyone's got a job just for them, and you're the person to give them that job. You treat everyone equally, almost as if they were your brothers and sisters, you feel that everyone has a right to live, eat, sleep, and dream. You try as hard as you can to make people's dreams come true, no matter how far away they may seem. No advice, you don't need it, you should be giving the advice, young leader! (Or old)

    Your inner world says you're artistic and sensitive 38%

    Your inner world says you have a bright future 38%

    Your inner world says you feel lost and alone 38%

    Your inner world says you're independent 18%

    Your inner world says you're too self obsessed 0%

    Your world says you don't take life seriously 0%

    Cool quiz to take, seems pretty accurate too. I should make a quiz like this. (I won't copy though, of course.)

  • This quiz was heart touching. I love to write lyrics about happy things and i have an imaginary world with imaginary creatures, i'm also afraid to be me sometimes.

  • Thanks, my real name's Roetha but my username's I like music, I'm glad you liked the quiz.

    (I bet everyone thinks my real name's weird!)

    I like music
  • Lonely and depressing what a shocker.

  • I'm Artistic but not sensitive

  • Pretty cool quiz. It seemed pretty well thought out, and I think it was pretty accurate. Nice job!

  • dude... ur not a bad lyricist im a lyricist 4 our band the cryptic clues

  • it's true but i don't want to hear it

    sloppy joe 34
  • well, that's the truth.

  • Indpendent.


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