what colored parakeet should I have?

there are many people who wonder about what color parakeet (or parrot) they should get< thankfully this quiz help thous questions! i do help this quiz helped!

are you looking forward to getting a bird? well... i will have more tests like this, and if parakeets, parrots aren't your thing, i will make other pet tests!

Created by: Paris

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what color do you like?
  2. what gender of the parakeet do you want?
  3. what is your mood each day?
  4. do you want chirpy parakeet? or a calm parakeet?
  5. dull colors, or bright?
  6. do you have any pets?
  7. even though the quiz is about the kind of colored parakeet you want...how much are you willing to spend for her/him?
  8. what season do you like?
  9. whats your fave parrot breed?
  10. for the last question, are you wanting a bird?

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