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  • 84% cop cool

    whitewolf73 Apr 12 '16, 12:37PM
  • I got a singer? OH YEAH!! Do re mi fa sol la ti do!!

    Crysta Jul 31 '15, 3:01PM
  • A stylist! I never imagined! Good quiz!

    1 Twilight Fan Jul 6 '15, 6:03PM
  • Writer for the win, yeah!

    Ponyjuice Jun 13 '15, 12:46PM
  • I am a singer and I want to be one and that's what I got

    victoriaECA May 21 '15, 7:23PM
  • im a stylist??
    cOp's the mOst!!

    San May 11 '15, 7:11AM
  • Singer. I can't sing though.

    pickles123 Apr 21 '15, 9:29PM
  • I didn't get actor? HUH!

    Cvm88888 Apr 7 '15, 2:48AM
  • I enjoyed the quiz. i got writer

    joshbrewer Mar 23 '15, 11:02AM
  • It said I'm gonna be a singer witch is what I wanna be also I wanna be and actress so this quiz was right good job to the person u created this quiz

    TWILIGHT FAN Feb 7 '15, 4:30AM
  • Yap itz my dream job writer

    KELLY BHATTA Jan 31 '15, 11:57AM
  • ok people who post plese do not read this it stuiped and it get old relly fast...... oh i got wirter cool i will try it out but i will have a back up plan awesome quiz by the why

    lily beth Jan 21 '15, 10:40PM
  • Ooh, and stop blackmailing!It is hurtful, scary, and dumb.

    lovetakes2 Jan 18 '15, 6:36AM
  • Singer? More like stylist, but they were tied. I guess singer took over somehow. Anyway, great quiz!

    lovetakes2 Jan 18 '15, 6:35AM
  • yes that is annoying plz stop posting that i wanna read comments not this stuff!!!!! :

    worrellraven Jan 5 '15, 10:47PM
  • this is crazy weird

    Whiplash Jan 5 '15, 9:25PM
  • you will die within 2 days if you do not post this comment to over 5 quizzes. when ur through press f6 and your crushes will appear on the screen

    Toddy Jan 4 '15, 6:45PM
  • I loved that quiz.

    Joyful69 Dec 29 '14, 9:16PM
  • Go to: what is the perfect song for you? For another great quiz

    Forever_dreamer Dec 22 '14, 10:40PM
  • Cool, I got the job as a singer. I always wanted to be a singer and right now I am going to be one, just need practice, thx.

    Forever_dreamer Dec 22 '14, 10:38PM
  • im preety dumb for trying to try the repoting thing u guys need to stop its very annoying and how do you know i havent died already.........

    nikibella123 Dec 21 '14, 5:26PM
  • Omg.. A singer is exactly what i wanna be! I had no idea im gonna get it.. Bdw that stupid comment which u guys are reposting sucks to glory... Awsum quiz

    hazzas_cupcake Dec 19 '14, 5:27AM

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