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  • A Little About Me.
    [published: Jul 04, 2016]

    Thanks for taking me informational. It should help you understand me better, or maybe not guys. Hope you like……

  • Shoutout Quiz(Remake 2016)
    [published: Apr 09, 2016]

    dgigjvdh dhuvdi uufhkhtdhn hiiduibg ughf7itndju hihfjig7k hrjhgin nnihitjn jiyugkb jjugikn……

  • Would I date you?(2015)
    [published: Aug 06, 2015, 6 comments]

    There are few right for me. Are you, or are you a freind. Either is okay but your hoping for yes aren't……

  • What should you drive?
    [published: Jun 26, 2015, 3 comments]

    Are you a biker, or maybe a commen car driver, maybe even a trucker. This quiz will tell you which one……

  • How well do you know the naval acadamy
    [published: Jun 06, 2015]

    There are many naval soilders out there that thought the acadamy was going to be easy but……

  • Naval acadamy: Physical traning
    [published: Jun 06, 2015, 2 comments]

    Welcome to my naval acadamy all you have to do is respond. Yes they actually do all of this.You……

  • How well do you know the avengers?
    [published: May 05, 2015]

    To clear the air this is not about the avenger moive but the avenger movie so if you didnt……

  • How well do you know me
    [published: May 04, 2015]

    If you like pina coladias or getting caught in the rain.if you not into yoga,if you have half a brain if……

  • Whould i date you
    [published: Apr 17, 2015, 21 comments]

    This part does not matter o one reads it so hhaaaa in your face gtq i dont gonna foloow your ruels blah blah……

  • Shoutouts to people
    [published: Mar 28, 2015, 1 comment]

    Well this is about shout outs and stuff just read this cause it passes time so blahh im bored goodnight……

  • How well do you know me
    [published: Mar 24, 2015, 3 comments]

    There are some that know me and some that do not so if you do know me than lets se if you know me more……

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  • "Not the plot, but what I was thinking was these humans would be a "vessel" for a god/godess and so fourth"
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    "Liz! You on?"
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    "Honestly pop makes me sick!"

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