Shoutout Quiz(Remake 2016)

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Created by: joshbrewer

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  1. First, Cody. You have always been my freind so stay strong Man-man.
  2. Second we have. Kaylin, because I will always consider you my sister.
  3. And now we have Meep!! Just because you are chill.
  4. Dark, even th0ugh we dont talk she keeps thugs off gtq.
  5. Raven. Even though stuff happens just remember that you are who you are.
  6. Jayfeather. For being a fan a freind to Pansy.
  7. Minime. For being kind to everyone and giving them a chance when they need it the most.
  8. And finally PANSY!!! Because you have not given upon me, and you fill the gap in my heart. Plus you are smokin hot.
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  10. Sorry if I did not Include you.

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