Whould i date you

This part does not matter o one reads it so hhaaaa in your face gtq i dont gonna foloow your ruels blah blah blah chck apow mickey mouse goffy donald 2090786547809554336789068885

Boom sticks t comes slowly daisy mickey pluro naurato attack o titan guns and glory pina colodia masks so ha in your face poopy and pee ok just boo6786890-736i73y9gg00646p846jyfk9m

Created by: joshbrewer

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  1. How are you
  2. Whats your favorite color
  3. Do you play sports
  4. Do you were glasses
  5. Do you like music
  6. Do you like anime
  7. Rate
  8. Comment
  9. Both
  10. these last 4 qustions dont count for anythng

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