A Little About Me.

Thanks for taking me informational. It should help you understand me better, or maybe not guys. Hope you like it cause yall me main bros. See what I did there? Im not an a--hole unless you piss me off.

Are you a good guy or a bad guy, the world will never know ever. ever. Not in a million years will they know that Superman is gay AF right now ya. Yep its out he is gay too you. and for you.

Created by: joshbrewer

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  1. Heyo everyone! Welcome to my little informational breifing on me.
  2. Im 13! Is that bad?
  3. My favorite color is purple.
  4. I am from Europe.
  5. Favorite season is SUMMER!
  6. Favorite holiday is Independece day!
  7. I have a girlfreind who is named Anna.
  8. Although I love Independence day I cant listen to the fireworks...
  9. Favorite movie is "The Breakfast Club"
  10. I wanna be a archeoligist/historian!!

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