Naval acadamy: Physical traning

Welcome to my naval acadamy all you have to do is respond. Yes they actually do all of this.You will be awarded your rank when the quiz ends hope you get the one you want if you dont sorry for you but dont cry

I am tired so in the comments dont say any bad i dont like being mean to anyone bu please share with your freinds and comment and suggest what i should do in the sequel to this quiz thanks

Created by: joshbrewer

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Me:Lets go jog 10 miles You response
  2. Me:Obstacal course
  3. you must dive to 13 feet under wile your foot is tied to a weight and swim up
  4. hell week
  5. 2 man 200 log lift
  6. Boxing
  7. Gun cleaning
  8. Award day (no effect)
  9. Rate(no effect)
  10. Comment/ Suggest(No effect)

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