How well do you know the naval acadamy

There are many naval soilders out there that thought the acadamy was going to be easy but it is not. This quiz is going to give you a sliver of what happens daily there just trust me its not easy at all.Many have tried to get out of it too

Are you up for the task.Most arnt but if you are then lets get going cause its going to be tuff thats all i can say right know cause that what it is.If you are ready than take the quiz i want to see you pass this quiz with all your might

Created by: joshbrewer

  1. First off where is it?
  2. Who many months of traning do you have?
  3. Upon graduation what position do you earn?
  4. What traning do you have to go through?
  5. After graduation you have more job choices?
  6. What other main branch of the military trains with the navy?
  7. Is there Hell week?
  8. After graduation can you still attended to get more traning?
  9. The naval acadamy places out ranks,the highest you get is?
  10. You are givin a choice cause you did somthing bad,There is a concequence.You and your team have to suffer or yourself?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the naval acadamy