How well do you know the avengers?

To clear the air this is not about the avenger moive but the avenger movie so if you didnt understand that is okay cause i whould get confused too so it is ok but this next paragraph is going to be random cause i am bored and do not want to type no more

Blah blah blah blah.Pina coladias cause i can this part ores me to death so sorry if you do not enjoy this this 'paragraph' but i hate doing these boring paragraphs to sum up your title.Good thing i typed it in the first paragraph cause then it whould be boring to read

Created by: joshbrewer
  1. Who was the very first avenger
  2. Hulk became who he is by
  3. Thor is a god of what
  4. Marvel depicts Iorn man as a
  5. There directors name is
  6. Nick fury was what race(Black,White,Japanese,Etc.)in the comics
  7. Did tony spend time with his dad much
  8. how are Hulk and Captin america related
  9. Captin america faught in what war
  10. How long was Captin America underwater

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the avengers?