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  • Unique, but Fake. 72%

    POSITIVE: You are very unique and different! You have a creative mind that other people don't have. You are also talented. NEGATIVE: You are fake! You often hide your true self by acting like someone that you are not. You never seem to show your real self. You are known as a poser and a wannabe.

    You seem to have worked hard on this quiz. Good job! However, I'm not sure why I'm considered a wannabe; I am confident and don't worry about how people view me as long as I know who I am. I think that it's pretty hard to judge what someone's negative trait is by their positive trait. Unique and wannabe don't always go together.

  • POSITIVE: You are fun and outgoing! You love to have a great time and make people laugh. When you are in a good mood you are lively and entertaining!

    NEGATIVE: You have those days when you are like, "leave me alone!" You are just a moody person, that's all! When you're in a bad mood you are grouchy and mean towards others. You just want to be left alone.

    This is a great quiz overall, and I really liked it! Nevertheless, I would like to speak up that sometimes there may be a mix of two things, such as Fun, but Dependant. Or, Kind, but Fake, etc. Maybe work on different mixes and possibilities instead of grouping one positive to one negative only!

  • POSITIVE: You are have high self esteem and expectations! You think good things about yourself and you are a very confident person! NEGATIVE: You are very paranoid and suspicious! You often worry if someone is out to get you and you don't trust people very easily. You fear that trust could cause others to let you down. You even tend to worry if you should trust your family or not. You don't tell secrets to your friends either, because you fear that they might tell everyone.

    Amazin gly Accurate! I liked the questions too.

  • POSITIVE: You are a loving and thoughtful person! You have feelings for others and you like to see people happy! You are a caring person.

    NEGATIVE: You are dependent on others. You expect people to do things for you. You can't get by on your own, so you let everyone else do your work for you. This makes you a bit lazy and unmotivated.

    I really love this quiz! The most accurate result I've ever gotten from a quiz this month! You really worked hard on this quiz to make it as accurate as possible!

  • POSITIVE: You have intelligence and knowledge! You can figure out anything you are learning, because you are a quick learner!

    ,br> NEGATIVE: You are very sarcastic! Instead of normally helping someone, you use sarcasm on them. You have a know-it-all attitude, which makes others see you as sarcastic.

    78% Courageous, but Daring.
    this is terrifyingly accurate

  • POSITIVE: You are a very brave person, with courage! You are fearless and ready to take chances. You are not afraid of anything, no matter what! NEGATIVE: You are daring and you take chances too often! This makes you risky. You are the type of person that takes the most dangerous chances, no matter what the outcome could be! Totally me!

  • POSITIVE: You are a sweet and kind person! You have a cute personality and you smile sweetly whenever someone looks at you! This makes you nice. NEGATIVE: You are a very dishonest person! You constantly lie, because you can't help it! You can't be trusted at all, because you have a habit of lying.

    sounds like me...

  • It said I was conceited, yeah that's fair. In my defence, I honestly tend to not try to become close to people. I mean come on being someone's friend just because you pity them. yeah, one of my negative traits is definatly grudge-holding.

  • I got Imaginative but Lustful! :D

    Unfortunately, this is true. I hate reality, myself, and just reality. So, I go into my fantasy world too rest! But sometimes, I don't even realize it when people are talking to me. :(

  • Satisfied, but Conceited. Not particularly. I would say I'm definitely more Intelligent, but Sarcastic, but it was still a good quiz!

  • I got confident, but suspicious. I get the suspicious part, but I down think I'm very confident. Good quiz anyway!

  • One of these questions repeats itself.

    I'm positive but daring. The daring part was true, but positive? WHAT A JOKE!

    Clara Ford
  • very good quiz. I like the fact that it was more than just the necessary 12 questions, shows me you put a lot of effort and time and I can relate to most of the results

  • I got Intelligent, but Sarcastic. This quiz was really accurate.

  • Positive: Fun xD Negative: moody :/ lol yeah sometimes. Great quiz! :D

  • Fun, but moody. Totally me.

  • I got imaginative yet lustful. So true. :p. I do tend to drift off in my own little world. I like it better there. xP

    But good quiz. I liked it. =^-^=

  • Courageous, but Daring. ooh, im like the dauntless faction from divergent

  • Intelligent yet sarcastic! OMG, so accurate!

  • Unique, but Fake
    So true

  • Fun, but Moody
    Yup, describes me. :P

  • i got sweet but dishonest, that is not true. i feel bad about myself whenever i lie, and when i lie, i often go to the person i lied to and apolagize. sweet is true though, i allways try to be nice, and make others happy. shy is more of my negative trait. still, this quiz was very good. i can see you put efford in it.

  • Fun, but moody. Fair enough.

  • helpful, but controlling! very accurate good quiz

  • fun, but moody. that's actually pretty accurate.


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