what are you to your boyfriend?

there are many types of relationship a girl can have with a boy... you can be his Miss B-I-T-C-H...his fling or his wifey... off course a friend but that's not what we are looking at here.

do you think the guy your with loves you for real, using you??... is gonna dispatch you within days???...well take this quiz to find out...{needz to be 150 word---bnfodfos gjaghioy gjskoaug0pa gjwaFTIOF hioh fhdkla}

Created by: Babymischief009

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  1. you boyfriend calls you ..... times a week
  2. you and your boyfriend see each other..... times a week.
  3. since the two of you have been going out. your boyfriend has introduced you to .... of his friends
  4. most of the time your boyfriend like to get hot and heavy with you...?
  5. you boyfriend keeps tabz of you and also lets you know about him too...?
  6. you know everything about you man, from his favourite colour to his surname....
  7. you boyfriend applauds and compliments you....
  8. you boyfriend is already making plans on what you two would be doing next week....
  9. you and your boyfriend have long sweet nothing conversations in the middle of the night...?
  10. does your boyfriend compare you to his 'girl friendz'?

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Quiz topic: What am I to my boyfriend?