what kind of boyfriend/girlfriend are you

you are an amazing boyfriend /girlfriend you are adored u are a truly smartistic.you have had relationship trouble in the past u think u've finnally got it right i hope u do ... have a good relationship!! and be faithful to your special someone

you are truly a geniusnususnus. you are the best boyfriend/grilfriend anybody could have.your every thing the look for in somebody to love. i hope u get the chance to love and be loved!

Created by: karoline

  1. who do u spend most of ur time with?
  2. whats your favorite thing to do ?
  3. do you even have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  4. whats your kind of date?
  5. do u like huggs or kisses better?
  6. do u go to school with ur boyfriend/girlfriend?
  7. do u have pets
  8. do u like tall or short people?
  9. do u like to do things ur boyfriend or girlfriend likes to do?
  10. love,loe,love do u like being in love?

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Quiz topic: What kind of boyfriend/girlfriend am I