Are You a Bad Girlfriend?

There is a such thing as a bad girlfriend and a great girlfriend. You better hope your a good girlfriend at least, or you might get kicked out the door. A good girlfriend is loyal, honest, fun, not to protective, yet no totally oblivious either.

Are you a good girlfriend? Do you have the knowledge of what a good girlfriend even is? Now you can take this quiz to see if your a bad girlfriend, or the dream girl for every guy.

Created by: kiley
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  1. Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?
  2. Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend with one of your boyfriends friends?
  3. Could you see yourself spending the rest of your life with your current boyfriend?
  4. How serious is your relationship?
  5. Have you ever done anything to him , just so you can get your way?
  6. Have you ever told him he can't talk to other girls because you are jealous?
  7. Have you ever looked through his personal text messages, emails, myspace, facebook, old pictures, notes, ETC?
  8. Do you tell your boyfriend everything?
  9. Has your boyfriend ever lied to you about something because he feels you are to protective?
  10. Do you give your boyfriend all the attention he needs?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Bad Girlfriend?