are you 2 a perfect match?

"I made this quiz so you can see how if you and your boy friend/girlfriend are a perfect match. go back to the quizes page and take some more love helping quizes!"

If you and your boy friend/girlfriend are a PERFECT couple then dont leave him/her for the popularest boy/girl in the class.It is YOU & YOUR boyfriend or girlfriend are ALL that matters!

Created by: maz
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. the celeb couple u are most like are...
  2. What can you see bringing down your relationship?
  3. When the two of you are spending time one-on-one, you're usually:
  4. On DVD night, you two:
  5. Your relationship works because:
  6. When two order a pizza, you:
  7. You're out on a double date, when your BF makes a comment that you actually find a bit insulting. What happens?
  8. his nickname for u is closest to...
  9. he goes on holiday and brings you back a...
  10. his football team are playing yours in a final you...

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Quiz topic: Am I 2 a perfect match?