Are You A Good Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

There are many people who are the boyfriends and girlfriends of others, but only some can be called a GOOD boyfriend/girlfriend. If you've asked yourself questions like: "What does he really think of me," or "Am I being too selfish", your questions are about to be answered.

Do you live up to the class "good" boyfriend/girlfriend expectation? Do you have the heart to qualify for that title? Until now you could only wonder. But in just a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: Stephanie
  1. By some miracle, your significant other scores tickets on Wednesday to a concert by their favourite band on Thursday. But when they ask you to go, you hesitate because you really hate that band. What is your response?
  2. Your significant other goes away to their family cottage for a month over the summer. You..
  3. When you are with your significant other, and around your friends or other people you...
  4. There are rumours going around the school that you were seen with someone else. When your significant other confronts you, you...
  5. Your significant other got into their dream school. The problem is, it's 300 miles away. To keep the relationship going you...
  6. Your significant other seems distracted. You ask what's up and they start going on about everything. You..
  7. Your friend likes your significant other. You...
  8. Who makes the effort to hang out with the other?
  9. How often do you call them?
  10. How often do you spend time with your significant other?
  11. There's a big school social event coming up and your significant other really wants you to go with them, but you don't want to. You..
  12. You do the occasional big gesture, but rarely the small ones. (example: give them something, or say something really meaningful..(big) but don't hang out with them, do things that are important to them (in reality, small things that mean a lot)

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Boyfriend/Girlfriend?