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  • I'mma lesbian ;w; welp gotta find a lesbian quiz but I can never find one breh... Bah bye!

    Eggsworld Jul 22 '18, 5:59PM
  • I got 13% I want to break up with my be because I have no interest in him at all we have nothin in common Also he likes country music and I hate country I like rock music and I love piercings he don't he likes video games I don't also I like a couple other guys

    Salipknot May 21 '15, 8:06PM
  • I have never cheated and got 54. he cheated on me so yeah I've told him stop talking to his sl&$s cuz we have kids. oh well idk why i care, I've done the best i can.who knows, maybe i really am the one causing it.

    noneya Aug 8 '14, 3:55PM
  • I am not a bad girlfriend ok sometimes I feel like I am

    marryanna Apr 4 '14, 2:52PM
  • 61%. I LUV MY DUDE!

    luluyo Jul 9 '12, 6:16PM

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