I Know you love him but does he love you?

In this quiz it is about love and if he loves you back. There are three motives, He is to controling, He dosnt care, or he is definitly in love!!! Man are not all the same and you could have got one of the good ones and in this quiz you can see!!

Do you think your boyfriend loves you? Do you think your boyfriend is to controling? Do you think your boyfriend just doesnt care? Well this test will tell you what is going on with you alls relationship!

Created by: Heaven Shouse

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  1. You go out on a friday night and you want your boyfriend to come with you. does he say...
  2. You call your boyfriend sick and tell him you cant go on there date tonight. he says...
  3. You get very primped for a ance you are about to go to but then find out your boyfriend cant go. what does he say...
  4. Do you and your boyfriend talk on the phone?
  5. When you all go out were to you go?
  6. when you two are at yours/his house what do you all do?
  7. Do u have sex or make love?
  8. Do you all talk about marriage?
  9. Who tells each other they love them?
  10. Does your parents like him?

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