Warriors name quiz the real deal!

Created by: anastasia of fanpop
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  1. What clan are you?
  2. You are a medicine cat looking for catmint when you see tons of clumps.... over the windclan border. You...
  3. You see a cat struggling in the water... Its your brothers kit! There is your mentor calling... What do you do!?
  4. You killed a fat squirrel! You are really hungry! You...
  5. Your mate and kits die of greencough. You...
  6. The clouds are black for moons! You....
  7. You've been a kit for 14 moons! You..
  8. You are a kit soon to be apprentice and you recieve a prophetic dream. You...
  9. Your mentor tells you to spy on your clanmates. Do you do it?
  10. Did u like the quiz?

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