Warrior Cats Love Story 6

Sorry for the long wait! I just needed a review to spur me on and have me realize at least someone was taking my quizzes . . . You can skip the opening paragraphs if you want right now, you know.

When we last left off, your enemy tom was called to the den. What will happen next? Will your enemy kill you or your kits or your mate in bitter revenge? Will he be exiled or will Sunstar not trust you? What are you reading this for? Take the quiz to find out the answers to your questions now!

Created by: Pathbreeze
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  1. First, I want to acknowledge Wolfstar for commenting on part 5 and spurring me on. Sorry it took so long; I was just wondering if anyone even cared for my quizzes.
  2. Sunstar soon jumps on the meeting place, the Nightrock, and yowls, "Let all cats old enough to be apprenticed gather 'neath the Nightrock for a Clan--" he pauses, "exile!" Uneasy murmurs rippled throughout the camp, watching x______x walk towards gathering cats, trapped in between Peachlight and your mate.
  3. You stayed inside, letting your kits nurse. Honeykit, Troutkit, and Glowkit were nuzzling into your belly fur. You listened to Sunstar: "x_______x has given ________(your name here) Deathberries in a rabbit. Peachlight?" Peachlight had some white-and-red thing on his claw, which you realized was the rabbit. "Here, Sunstar!" Peachlight said. "Right. x_______x will now be exiled for performing such a feat, and he shall be killed if found on our territory." (The answer below is of x______x, not your mate$)
  4. Instead of cheering like a ceremony greeting, insults were hurled at x_______x. "Crowfood-eater!" "Cat murderer!" "Pile of fox dung!" You winced as you heard and the kits' tiny claws dug on to your belly. You tried to keep still. Hikepath looked at you sympathically. "It's hard knowing, isn't it? A cat tried to murder you because you chose ________ over him . . ." You nodded.
  5. Hikepath continued. "This isn't my first litter . . ." The brown-and-black tabby bent her head to lick a tuft of fur sticking up from one of her kits. "Wha . . ." you were at a loss for words. "I had a different mate, one I was unwilling to have. I chose Peatfur, my current mate--" Hikepath looked out the den at the black-and-brown-spotted deputy wistfully, then continued. "--but there was a different cat: Snakeheart." Hikepath shuddered. "He truly was a snake-heart. He was so mad . . . He forced me to have his kits. I told Peatfur . . ." Hikepath looked as if she was forcing the words out, "And he killed Snakeheart. No one knew but us, and now you." Hikepath looked closely at you. "You wouldn't tell, would you?" You shook your head, remembering a story your mother had told you once about Snakeheart being killed by a fox. Hikepath stated on her story again. "Everyone knew that Snakeheart was my mate, my unwanted mate . . . Most everyone, at least. They've forgotten it. I'm old, you know?" Hikepath stretched. The kits were bolder than yours, and waited patiently. "So Peatfur started announcing this was his first litter . . . He never said whether it was my first or not."
  6. You were silent at the end.
  7. Timeskip to 3 moons later . . . "Catch, Glowkit!" You pricked your ears as Honeykit tossed a moss ball to her brother. Troutkit got it first. You watched the game go on, but felt slightly uneasy . . . You felt something around. And before you could notice anything, a shadow leaped towards Glowkit. You yowled and attacked the attacker. It was x______x! Between bites and scratches, you hissed, "You," bite, scratch, "Will not," kick, "Harm," another sharp bite," "My kits!"
  8. And . . .
  9. CLIFFHANGER! Don't kill me . . .
  10. Last question. Bye.

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