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  • Some people aren't self confident. Those people can't have as much fun. You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with life. Trust me, I went through this, and I know nothing is as important as being confident in yourself. Once your confident, you can pursue your dreams.

  • There is no secret to life. You live your life, stuff happens, then you die. You can choose to make something of your life, but that's not really a secret. So basically, you can sort of controll what happens to you, but that's about it. Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but that's just how I see it.

  • Everything happens for a reason. :) And here's a quote: "If life gives you Skittles, chuck them at people's faces and say, 'taste the FREAKING rainbow!'" :p I guess that means to accept what life gives you and to have fun with it. :)

  • treat no one badly because they have a life too, dont stereotype people because in the end we're still all human. Stereotypes just separate mankind like we do with ALIENS. And most of all, have a care. Do what you feel like and dont suffer if you dont wanna. Have fun too :D

  • Let insults bounce off you! My relationship with my BFF is, I make her laugh. That's almost it! And I don't care if people make fun of me, 'cause, then everybody laughs! And that's good, right? So, if you don'rtt like people laughing at you, then laugh with them. They wont have as much fun. And they will stop...

  • My secrets/philosophy for life is that you should make memories from every moment, and always forgive people. Choose people over pride. I my friends and my boyfriend, and that is what life means to me. :)

  • I have two statements I live by: 1. Live in the moment, forget the past; and 2. Don't trump the opportunity, take it!

    My guy friend, however, really only lives by one rule: Unguarded food is free food.

  • My secret is...

    Live your life filled with art, friends, love, family, poetry, songs, and remember that money is make believe and true beauty held within the heart!

  • The secret to life is so obvious. Love. if you find love, nothing hurts as bad anymore. i should know, i am in love right now with a really funny guy. oh, and if you want, you can always take my quizzes, the forbidden love series. but whether or not you read this comment and do what it says is your choice.

  • my secret in life is.... i dont wear makeup...ok yeaa not a big deal but i would love to...i bought my own eyeshadow and my mom wont let me use it...so..i just stick with, "Go natural, Stay young and pretty while you can because before you know it you'll be all wrinkled faced and then you'll be to old to wear makeup anyways or you'll break out from it..." so go natural! be pretty!

  • Don't make goals that involve changing who you are, instead, improve yourself. Don't lie to yourself and think it's all worthwhile, because at the end....you'll know it was a mistake.

    And one more thing, don't label yourself with stereotypes ;]

  • Stop thinking about trying to be yourself and just BE! You become who you are by living, not thinking about who you are. Focus your energy on others and not yourself.

  • -Never quit your job.

    -Find the job that you want and will give you a good salary.

    -Be you.
    -Be happy.

    -If you want a social life AND you want good grades, study one bit, then get out and party after!

    -Never give up or people will kick your @$$ even more.

    -Believe in yourself.
    -42. (reference from google calculator)

  • my secret to lyf iz dat i blv u liv only once. Quoting bon jovi i wanna say,' itz my lyf, itz now or never, i'm not gonna liv foreverm i jst wanna liv while i'm alive.' so live your life. It'z worth it. O another point don't think dat havin a boyfrnd or a grlfrnd is a fashion.if u luv only one person all ur luf, u'll see it's worth it. :) family also means a lot. So thatz my secret to lyf. Livin every day lyk itz ma last

  • Life is just about being yourself. Even if your on the verge of crying or sitting by yourself at lunch. Live a little. Don't be afraid to take risks. Sometimes you have to forget what's gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what's coming next. For all you broken hearts, sadness flies away on the wings of time. There are people who you were meant to meet, but not meant to be with. Life has a plan for you. You are never alone, God's there.

  • just because you look different or act different doesn't mean you don't have feelings and one more thing don't ever say your ugly because you know what.....everyone is beautiful in there own way including me. :)

  • When you decide how to spend your time, ask yourself, "Is this something that I will remember when I'm 90 years old?" If the answer is no, it's a bad idea.

    E Lunatic
    Always have hope.

    I get bullied soo bad that nothing will stop the bullys; But i never give up on hope. Okay? Those r my main rules that I live by everyday. I hope u do too.

  • You know you found the right guy when you can't sleep at night,(your dreams are better than reality) :)

  • heres my secret and this is actually true and dont laugh, my mother said the day i was born i could never feel anything in my body so whenever i touch something i dont feel a thing and thats pretty sad and yea thats all and like right now i cant even feel how my key bored feels so respect people with disorders like me i cant feel anything in my whole body so if i broke something i couldn't feel the pain and i would see all the parents in the hospitle screaming in pain because their baby so i cant feel that

  • hey, guys i was looking in the comments and saw things like.....live life to the fullest....or think positive and bring the best of not only your self but others....or...find love and joy..or...do change you...well those tips are good but....they aren't you....sure its nice to have help every once and a wile but they don't live your life...you DO!!!! so do what you were born to do....do what YOU do every day that makes you....YOU!!!!! go on and do it! cuz no one can tell you how you feel or think better than you can!!!!


  • My secret to life is (drum roll please):

    Have fun! What's the point of living if you're miserable all the time?

  • Balance
    A little bit of everything

  • Just be yourself! Don't be someone else. Your friends will always be by your side in bad situation! NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! Believe in yourself!!!

  • Just be yourself! Don't be someone else. Your friends will always be by your side in bad situation! NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! Believe in yourself!!!


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