Vampire Peak part 20

this is part 20 of my Vampire Peak series, the quiz is going to end soon so leave suggestions so i can end these with a bang. thx! so start reading and comment and rate

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? Blake? Justin? possbly Troy? find out now! hurry and take my quiz before they're taken! good luck girl!_Jade Black!

Created by: Jade Black

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  1. you see the very place where Blake and Justin were being held captive. you want to jump up and down with excitement, but that would most likely get you either captured or killed.
  2. you start to walk forward but you were pulled into the forest and pinned against a tree yous struggle and scream as best you could with someone's hand over your mouth. you kick him in the shin. he grunts in pain. "Bree, quit kicking me, it's just me." you open your eyes and see that it's troy. your eyes go wide and he takes his hand off your mouth. he's breathing heavily. "You ran all the way here just for me?" you ask him, he nods. "Why would you do that you could have hurt yourself." you say, he smiled down at you that heart melting smile that troy does. "So you do still care about me," he muses. you just stare at him. "There must have been some reason you're here or else you wouldn't have come after me.
  3. "i came here because i needed you to know that i would never ever betray you again, tell me you know that." he begs. you shake your head. "I-i'm not sure i trust you after you betrayed me twice." "Bree, i only betrayed you once." "When you stayed behind and let the queen take Blake and Justin you betrayed me then too. he shakes his head. "Luna i stayed behind so i could be with you. because i knew once they were taken you would search for them." "Whatever," "If that wasn't my reason for hiding what was it? don't you dare say because i'm a complete pansie okay you and i both know that's not the reason." he was right you knew that wasn't the reason he hid. tears started to spill over your eye lids. he looks concerned. he wipes your tears away and rests his head on yours. "You really did come for me."
  4. he smiles, "Of course always have always will." "I'm so sorry," you whisper, he kisses you lightly on your lips. "Just forget it, you're with me you're safe, i promise you, i'll never let you out of my sight again." "And knowing me how exactly do you manage that?" you ask, he moves the hair from your face, kisses your lips, light as a feather at first then hard and feirce. "TRoy, we're within the enemy's grasp you really want to do this here?" he stops kissing you adn looks toward the palace. he looks at you and smiles. "Guess not," he leans down to skim his nose against your throat just like Blake did. BLake!
  5. "Blake, Justin," you whisper, troy looks at you. "What?" "Blake and Justin i have to help them." "Wait one minute then i promise i will help you." "Why wait?" "I know this isn't the most ideal place but just hear me out." you nod. "Bree," he breaths then kissed you. "I love you more than anything in my miserable life, i love you more than life itself. please please say you'll marry me, and i will never hurt you again. i will never let you out of my sight again. just please say you'll marry me." "Troy i," you stutter. you're not sure
  6. you bend down. "After i get the guys then i tell you." his face falls. you put your hand on his cheek and make him look at you. "I'm not saying no," he smiles and kisses you. you two run towards the palace. but the place was crawling with guards. you grab troys hand wink at him the you use your power to fly to the nearest window.
  7. you have a not so good landing on top of troy. he grunts as you do too "I think i need to work on my landing more often." "I do too." you shove his shoulder playfully. "okay i need to get to the dungeon, where is it?" "I'll show you," he takes your hand kisses your lips and you two walk out. "Hey!" says a guard. you look behind you, and thrust your hand out setting the guard on fire. but that brings attention to almost the whole castle it seems like but none of them are trying to touch you even tho you have your bow pointed to them. you look at troy and he looks confused too. but then u remember they wanted this to happen.
  8. You lower your bow and tell troy to relax, he looks at you like you're insane. "What?" he hisses, "Trust me," you say, he looks at you then nods and straightens up from his defense position.
  9. "Princess we've been expecting you," says the head guard. "I know you have so let's get on with this shall we?" you say, he nods and gesters for you to start walking. you do with Troy by your side. he takes your hand and squeezes lightly with a reassuring glance. you smile, you're taken into the throne room. where a very angry looking queen is. "So we meet again," she says, you give her a small smile. "Too soon," she glares you give her the death glare. "Take the trader to the dungeon with his brothers." you look and troys being grabbed from behind, fighting to stay. "No, i'm not gonna leave bree," "Oh yes you will, but don't worry you'll see her again," she pauses, "In hell," they start to drag troy of of the room but he as hard as he kicks and struggles he can't get away from them. you hear a blood curling scream and realize that it's you. you've been trying to get to him and they've been holding you back. tears are pouring down your face. "SO our little princess fancies our trader." she says walking down to come in front of you. "HE did the right thing you whore," you snap, the guards were the only things keeping you from beating the life out of her.
  10. "I know why you have come Bree, but you are never going to rescue your friends." "Oh?" "Yes because i am going to kill you first." fear flooded my system but was easily ignored so i could put on my poker face. "How do you plan on doing that? i doubt you'll hang me or shoot me in the head." "Oh of course not that would be too boring, i'm simply going to torture each and every one of your friends and family until they are dead then we'll do the same to you." i know that doesn't sound that evil but torturing everyone i know and me having to watch it was absolutely beyond evil. but i still had on my poker face, i wasn't going to let her see me horrified. "Who are you going to do first?" "I figured i'd start with the one you care the least about so i'm thinking your precious friend Justin
  11. You're thrown into a cell across from the guys, they seem unconscious. "Blake! Justin Troy!!" you scream, Blake's eyes open his eyes and immediately sees you. he scrambles to the door of the cell and reaches out. you reach out too and you two touch and hold hands until dawn. "I love you Bree," "I love you too, once this is all over i will marry you." his face lights up.

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