UnWanted part 7

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Hello my lovelies! I am so sorry this has taken so long. I have a new addiction and it's called Wrestling Fanficiton. Yeah. Don't ask. BUT I did think of you guys this morning and decided to give you a treat :D

For those of you who absolutely love music, I suggest the band Def Leppard. Freakin' awesome band. Pour Some Sugar On Me has to be one of the most awesome songs ever made :D But anyways, happy reading :D XOXO- Ang3l :)

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx
  1. I watched Pancetta emerge and start walking towards me with this intimidating scowl on his face. I just straightened my posture in defiance. He closed the distance in-between us and lifted me by me throat with one single hand. "You better listen to me girlie," he growled. "I've been about as patient as I could be with you. You have irritated me to no end right now. I even went out of my way to insure that you have decent accommodations."
  2. "Hardly," I spat at him, struggling to breathe. He tightened his grip. "Either you stop complaining or I throw you in the real dungeon with the rats. Make your choice." I didn't exactly get a chance to say anything at that moment in time because we suddenly heard tons of gunfire. Pancetta turned his head towards the opening in the wall to see what was going on and it was just enough time for me to lift my leg and kick him as hard as I could. He let go of me and stumbled backwards, trying to clear his head of the tweeting birds flying around his head at that moment.
  3. I ran out of the opening in the wall and found myself in a maze of halls. I decided to go right and down the dimly lighted halls. The halls themselves were scary because they were all painted a dark brown with black trim at the top. I came to a stairwell and descended down them. I was going down fast and I looked back at the top because I heard footsteps trailing me. I ran straight into a dude with a huge gun.
  4. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked gruffly. He spun me around and held me by my neck. I kicked and squirmed but the dude just held tighter. For sake of my air supply, I quit struggling, at least until I saw who was coming down the stairs. It was dreams come true.
  5. "I suggest you let her go if you value your life," Jason said glaring at the man. He had a pistol aimed at the guy's head. He was almost drenched in sweat, and wearing his normal "work" attire. His expression was lethal, and you could easily tell he was intent on killing the guard. The guard raised his gun and put it against my temple. It was cold, but the last thing I wanted it to be was hot, if you get my drift. "Not on your life bud," he said back to Jason. Jason for the first time looked straight at me. "Do you trust me?"
  6. I gave him a small nod and shut my eyes. To me this was all just a dream. A really bad suspense movie that had come to life, but it was real life. And I had to deal with it as it was.
  7. There was a loud gunshot that came from Jason's gun within a flash of an instant, and I felt an automatic loosening on my neck. I turned around and watched as the guard fell to the floor, gunshot in-between his eyes. Jason rushed to me and picked me up. "Il mio cuore, are you alright?" I wrapped my arms around him and held on for dear life. Just the smell of him made me feel so much better. "I'm fine." "I almost lost you," he mumbled, kissing me tenderly. I smiled at him. "Keyword, almost." "Touché," he said, taking my hand.
  8. He led us away, and through the hallways. "How do you know your way around here so well?" I asked, breathlessly trying to keep up with him as we passed several more corridors. "It's amazing what a couple thousand dollars will buy from lonely little janitor," Jason said, dragging me down a totally different hall. We came to a foyer where there were two men wearing black slacks with black long-sleeves and leather jackets. Their eyes were covered with sunglasses, and guns were bulging from their waistbands. "Tell everyone to abort. The target is apprehended," one of the men said into an earpiece, and then nodded at Jason. Jason nodded back and led me out the front door. It was dark outside, which surprised me. Woods surrounded the castle-like mansion and there were all sorts of guns being pointed at us by scary looking guys, but Jason just passed on like it was a normal everyday thing.
  9. We went on some out-of-whack dirt roads that lead even deeper into the woods and down a small trail. I held on tightly to Jason's arm, for fear of falling over my own feet. I was still in my clothes that Pancetta had taken me in, which wasn't much. Some short sleeping shorts and a tank top wasn't much use on a cold night like this.
  10. Jason noticed me shivering and stopped to take off his black windbreaker and put it around my shoulders. I smiled at him weakly and we both trudged on. It took about ten minutes, but we finally got to an actual paved road and saw an SUV waiting for us. I was almost relieved to see it, almost running towards it. I opened the front passenger door, got in and buckled up. I turned towards the driver seat and was totally bombarded to see that Alec was sitting there.
  11. *Gameshow host comes out from behind curtain, looking around wearily* Hello peoplee! It's about that time again! *Gameshow host winces from pain in left shoulder from gunshot wound*

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