Are you a pineapple????

Are you as special as a pineapple? An you count to fifteen hundred and forty five in pineapplese? Are you awesome than a hotdog in a sausage with vegemite?

To answer all of your questions, take this quiz! It should take up to ten minutes of your time. This quiz is great for wasting unwanted time or time you were meant to spend doing your homework!

Created by: Aimee
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  1. Are you a cannibal ( meaning do you eat pineapple )
  2. Do you have green hair?
  3. Who's your best friend?
  4. Have you ever sat on the couch only to find that you need to get back up again
  5. What does this mean in pineapple KdfjhwekjwdvhweviwdvkhwebfkjebfkdsbvkjdwvlcsqkjcwdkcsdfaasjhebfashvfheabfskHbskncbskvbadvknbadvladvljavkdavkhbadgkjabdfl cjbhhbmhb
  6. What is the capital of wester Australia?
  7. Can you talk to kangaroos?
  8. Is a tomato a vegetable ?
  9. Are you getting bored because I am
  10. Do you think that this quiz is completely useless?

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Quiz topic: Am I a pineapple????