How well do you know Hollyleaf?

Howdy, my name's Darkstripe and I don't like to wear clo-o-o-o-thing! Howdy, my name's Joe... Joe Ranger, and I'll be you assistant today here at Gander

Mountain the World's Largest and Most Biggest Food Storage facility and/or pineapple resort for the unimployed campers of the world who eat cranberry.

Created by: Hollyleaf is Alive!

  1. Who are Hollyleaf's parents?
  2. Who is Hollyleaf's aunt?
  3. What two cats have mentored Hollyleaf?
  4. What is Hollyleaf's power?
  5. Does Hollyleaf have a power?
  6. Does Hollyleaf have a power?
  7. Is Hollyleaf still alive?
  8. Why is Hollyleaf's warrior name Hollyleaf?
  9. Is Hollyleaf's part of a prophecy?
  10. What is the most important thing to Hollyleaf?
  11. Why did Hollyleaf kill Ashfur?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Hollyleaf?