UnWanted part 3

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Hello my fellow quiz addicts! How DO you do? Well, I have had such fun enjoying the fact that you guys love this series as much as I do...but that's besides the point.

I have a weird question. Have you ever opened a package of SweetTarts (they're a American candy) and rejoiced in the fact that you got a blue one? LOL I have. I did yesterday and my mom told me I needed professional help...

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx

  1. . The curtains were shut and the room was insanely dark and quiet except for the t.v. Someone was watching Friday After Next. I peeked even further and saw that a very bleak Alec, lying on the bed asleep. His arms were strapped down to the sides of the bed, like he was some kind of monster experiment or something. For a minute there, I forgot that I was married and I just wanted to help him out of the place, but then I remembered that the machines were probably keeping him alive.
  2. I gasped quietly, but just enough to accidently wake him up. He opened his eyes and I thought I was going to cry. They were all bloodshot and red. He looked as if he had gone to hell and back. "Hey," his voice cracked, barely enough for me to understand him. He was smiling at first, but I guess he saw Jason because his halfway smile turned into a grimace. "We come in peace, I promise," I said, lifting my hands up. Alec smiled at the sound of my voice. "Sit down." I did, but Jason just stayed by the door. "Can I ask you something?" I started. "Why in the hell would you try to commit suicide?" I asked, pointing to the bandages on his wrists and the rope burns on his neck.
  3. "I had nothing else to live for," Alec rasped. "What do you mean you had nothing to live for? You have a kid on the way; your parents are surprisingly supportive to you after what you have done. You have tons to live for," I said, getting angry at his response. The Alec that I knew would never give up on life like this, even if it was this bad of a situation. Then again, I hardly knew him anymore. "Cheyenne started doing drugs not too long ago, and I was going to be there for her and the baby, but she's just making it worse. She took off with her little druggy buddy and now I have no clue where she is. She kept calling and saying that she was going to have an abortion. That she was going to murder her own kid once it was born. And I guess it all got to my head," Alec said, tears forming in his eyes.
  4. I knew I hated Alec with such a passion, but I couldn't handle someone crying. God, my reputation is so going to be ruined. I got up and tried to comfort him; lord knows he didn't need anything else to be upset about. After a few minutes of awkwardly hugging him while he cried, I decided it was time to leave. "Promise you'll come back?" Alec asked, still sniffling. "Maybe," I said, and then I took Jason's hand and practically begged him to get me out of there, only I was being silent. We walked through the hospital, silent and getting stares thrown our way. Not that we weren't used to it, considering that we had been stared at our whole life. But it could've been that I was crying my eyes out, silently sobbing on Jason's shoulder as we trudged down the stupid chemical smelling halls.
  5. I couldn't stand the fact that I was crying. I was supposed to be tough. Even though the past two years, besides me marrying Jason, had been the worst drama I had ever had in my life. We got inside the car and I was past the sobbing and now gasping for air like a four year old. You know when you were around that age and you would get yelled at for whatever you did horrible and you would walk away crying really loud? Then your parents would yell at you and tell you to suck it up? Then you would make the weirdest face and you would sound like a dying cat while trying to suck in the noise. Then you would suck in air like a fish out of water and wish hateful things on your parents, well, this was how I felt at the moment. Only I was wishing hateful things on myself, like I don't know, begging God to run me over with a semi-truck? I don't think that's too much to ask for.
  6. I'm so glad that Jason knows me so well, because we stopped by McDonalds and got a whole bunch of food. When I was content with my McRib and large chocolate shake, I was beginning to feel okay again. "I have to swing by the office for a few minutes. Do you want me to drop you off at the house or go in with me?" Jason asked once he finished his double cheeseburger. "I guess I'll go inside with you," I said, sipping my shake. Jason kissed me and started the car towards the downtown offices.
  7. Once we were walking through the doors, Jason disappeared through a set of doors that I wasn't familiar with. Oh well, I wasn't willing to get lost in this stupid place again. Yes, I got lost...in a building with high security around practically every corner. It was totally embarrassing. I knocked on the door and was greeted with a come in. I walked inside and smiled at the old man who was talking to some men. "Is this a bad time?" I asked, still halfway smiling at the men who looked as if they could snap me like a toothpick. "No no, this is an excellent time. We can finish our conversation later gentlemen," Armando said, standing up. The men stood up and left after giving me a nod with their pimp-looking hats. "What brings you here little lady?" Armando asked after he gave me a bear hug. "I just wanted to say hello and thank you for what you did for me yesterday," I said, sitting down in a chair across from my father-in-law. "Oh, he had it coming to him. I was simply going to rough him up a bit but when I saw that he had a hold of you like that, I decided he deserved a bit more."
  8. "Well even so, thank you," I said smiling. "Anything for family. Not that you never have been family." Jason came in at that moment. "I never exactly thought of her as family," he said, picking me up out of the chair, sitting down, and putting me in his lap. "Of course you wouldn't son. Have you heard?" Armando said, grabbing some Dr. Peppers out of his mini-fridge under his desk and handing them to us. "Thanks," Jason said. "What are you talking about?"
  9. "I'm talking about Pancetta. He got out of the slammer around three days ago. " At this point I was majorly confused. So Jason explained. "He is the guy that had the...um, audacity to conduct a drive-by at Dad's house because he lost his job here at the company. We pulled a few strings and he ended up in prison for four years." It was then that a light bulb went off in my head. I remembered when this happened. Freshman year, Jason missed like two weeks of school because his mom was shot or something. And it was four years ago that she died. I managed to put two and two together and gave an involuntary gasp. "This is a big deal. That b------ needs to get a life sentence for what he did," I started nearly shouting.
  10. "It isn't a big deal, we will deal with it later Erica. Its not that important," Jason said, trying to calm me down. But I was already on my feet. "The hell it isn't a big deal. That son of a b---- took Tanya away from you both. Not to mention she never got to help with her own son's wedding," I said, royally pissed. I stormed out of the room and went to go sit in the car, mind racing the whole time.
  11. :D It's about that tiiiiimmmmmmeeeee! Be sure to comment! & yes, I am willing to risk getting attacked by tigers :)

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