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  • Gold

    Good at: being dependable Get stressed when: things aren't in order Value: responsibility In a group: organizer Take pride in: dependability Specialty: getting things done Makes desicions based on: the rules and expectations Like: stability, order, consistency Things that frustrate golds: irresponsibility, lack of planning, lack of discipline, laziness, high risk taking, illegal behavior What golds do to frustrate others: control freak, being bossy and controlling, working long hours, being obsessive, being judgmental, planning for everything

    Wow! This describes me so accurately. You've created an incredible quiz. It was well though out, contained good questions and a number of answers that would most likely apply to the majority. The description at the end was detailed. :)

    9/10 :) I would have given it a perfect score, but I noticed some flaws. One of the quiz questions was a bit difficult to understand because of the poor spelling and the way in which you addressed the question was indirect. In the end details I would have liked some full stops. I fould myself pausing and struggling a bit over some of the comments. I found this dissapointing. The detail was so accurate and very well thought out. However, the punctuation let you down.

    I've let you know my opinion and have been honest in the hope you'll take my thoughts into consideration and allow them to assist in future quizzes. I have not said them to offend you or put down your quiz.

    You have a great potential! :) The things I noticed can easily be fixed.

    On a whole I loved it! :D The quiz was accurate, questions and answers suitable and intelligent, end results were detailed and perfectly accurate. Well done! Accuracy was spot on! :)

  • Gee thank you! ^.^

    But if u read the description at the top of the quiz then u can see that I don't own the question, answers, or the results. At school we had to take this quiz and since I liked it so much I wanted to put it on GTG.

    If you would like to see MORE accurate results, than vist this link: http(:)//users.tryt p/pd-full(.)html

    W ithout the parentheses.

    Wonderland Alice
  • My favorite color! :D Blue!


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