Too Young For Love, Yeah Right (part 4)

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This is continuing where you got kicked out of That Sushi Place and now you are going to Nathan's house. And you also said you wanted to go. Hope you enjoy

This is continuing where you got kicked out of That Sushi Place and now you are going to Nathan's house. And you also said you wanted to go. Hope you enjoy I'm hungry right now

Created by: Nialler34

  1. So you all walked to Nathan's house because some people got you kicked you out of That Sushi Place. Along the way Dante apologized for getting you guys kicked out of That Sushi Place everybody said it was ok. You guys really didn't talk much on the way. When you people did get to Nathan's house everybody was amazed at it but you, well you were but you had seen it before. You guys all sat in the Living Room. "You know what I was thinking?" Adam said "What, dude" Dante said "We should make like a club and a weird club name, but just for us four though, agreed?" Adam said. "Agreed!" you, Nathan, and Dante yelled around the same time. "But what should it be called, it should be called team something" you asked. "Team Something" Nathan said confused "No like we should be a team and the letter should stand for something" you explain to the boys. "Oh, I thought this was my idea" Adam said. "Sorry, it was just an example or whatever" you say to Adam. "No, that was a great idea" you all sat around thinking for a minute then Dante yelled out "Crack!" everybody gave him that weird look "Dude, you smoke that?" Adam said with a weird look on his face. "No that's what we should be Team C.R.A.C.K" Dante explains. "Oh I guess that's cool everybody agree. Everybody including you just nodded there head. "What should it stand for?" you say. "C should be Crazy" Nathan said. "Yeah, dude Crazy thats cool" Dante says. "Then R should be Random because Dante came up with Crack randomly" you say. "Yeah" Nathan says "A should be awesome because we are all awesome!" Then Nathan starts nodding his head in a weird way. "Now I get to decide one" Adam says "Go for it" Dante says "Then next C should be Cool because we are all Cool like that" then everybody starts laughing. "Last one is mine" Dante says "Killers" Dante says with a smirk. "But we haven't killed anybody" You say with a weird, confused look on your face. "Yeah but what would you rather have Killers, or Kiddos?" Dante says with a serious look on his face. "Killers is better" you say. Then everybody agrees with that. "So we are Team C.R.A.C.K or Crazy, Random, Awesome, Cool, Killers" Adam says. "Thats name is the bombdiggidy" Dante says. "Put you hands out everybody" Nathan says "Why?" Adam says. "JUST DO IT!" Nathan yells. So everybody including Nathan puts there hand in the middle of all of you because you were sitting in a giant circle. "Team CRACK on 3" Nathan says "1,2,3 TEAM CRACK!!!!" You all yell and throw your hands in the air. After you did that everybody starts laughing. "Oh look at the time" you say. "I have to go" then all the guys jump up "You want us to go with you" Adam says "You don't have to but if you really want to you can" then all the guys grab there jacket and walk out the door with you.
  2. When you first got out of the house Adam said "We should sing something to pass the time its a long way to her house" "Yeah, we should" Dante said. "I got it, we should sing Sexy and I Know It." Then the two other boys suddenly agreed that they should sing it. It was so annoying by the time they got to the chorus. You didn't say anything mostly because you didn't want to ruin there fun and even though it was annoying you thought it was really funny and cute. "What if LMFAO came right now and started singing with us" Nathan said "That would so awesome!" Adam said. "Yeah like that would happen" you said. "Don't be so negative" Adam said while shaking his head in a disapproving way. "Ugh you can be mean at time" you said. "Don't take it to the heart pop tart" Adam said. "Wow, just wow" you said looking away from Adam. "Guys, guys, guys Team CRACK has to stick together, forever" Nathan said. "Whatevs I'm just a pop tart to him" you said gesturing to Adam. "No your not, your more than just a tasty pastry" Adam said with his puppy dog eyes. "Your forgiven" you say "˜Yes! Another victory for the puppy dog eyes!" Adam says. "Yeah, sure" you say. Then after another long 3 minutes of Sexy and I know It the guys finally got tired of it. "Why do you have to live so far away from Nathan's house ______" Adam said breathing heavily. "I don't know I said you didn't have to come if you didn't want to" you say. "Well, you should have mentioned it was a million miles away" Adam said. "Sorry, next time you don't have to come" you say "Thanks I won't" he says. The rest of the way was really quiet. "Thanks guys you can go now" you say as you were getting closer to you house. "No prob ____" Nathan said. Then all the guys left.
  3. When you got home your father started talking to you "Who were those boys" he says with that fatherly voice "Friends, just friend, dad" you say tiredly "Me and your mother went to That Sushi Place to pick you up and you weren't there. Why Not" he says. "Well, umm its, umm complicated" you say avoiding his eyes. "I think I could understand" he says crossing his arms against his chest. "Well, we got kicked out of the restaurant" you say. Then you father's eyes nearly pop out of his head. "And why did you get kicked out" he asks. You didn't want to tell him that Dante got pissed for you not liking him so you made up a lie. "One of the guys started a fight with another guy and then the owner told us to get out, so we all walked home and the two guys apologized to each other" you said really fast it did seem like you were lying. "Go to your room, now" he says very sounding very disappointed. You were lying in your room about half asleep when you got a text from Drake "I'm bored" you stare at it for a second "Its like 9:30 your supposed 2 b sleeping" you text back. "Well what if I don't want to sleep" he says "Good night, Drake" then you get a million texts after that but you fall asleep.
  4. When you wake up in the morning you decide to look at the texts Drake sent you but when you look at them half of them are from Dante. Oh S*** you think to yourself. His 1st text was "You awake?" 2nd was "Hellooo" 3rd was "I guess not" 4th was "Sorry about tonight and getting us kicked out" 5th was "Well, your not awake to I'll stop texting you" Aww he apologized but you were sleeping. You could talk to him in the morning at school anyway. You got ready for school and saw Marie waiting outside for you "Bye Dad" you said walking out the door "Bye ____" he says grumpily probably still having a grudge about last night. "Soooo how was That Sushi Place last night? Marie asked you with her preppy voice. "Well, we got kicked out and when the guys were walking me him they sang Sexy and I Know It and Adam called me a pop tart" you say to Marie. Then Marie gives you a strange look like what the hell is she talking about. "Don't ask its a long story" you say "K" she says confusingly. When you get to school its normal nothing too exciting. Then you spot Nathan, Adam, and Dante talking so you walk over there. "Oh, here she is _____ you wanna know what I don't understand" Adam said with a huge grin on his face. "What don't you understand" you say. "Why evil people in cartoons are like doing there evil like like ha ha ha ha then they start choking or something" you give him that same look Marie gave you then he says "Well, isn't that weird?" you just nod your head very slowly. "I agree why, just why do they do that?" Nathan says. "I perfectly understand why" Dante says "Why do they do that then?" Adam says "I don't know I just thought that it would be the right thing to say" Dante says. Adam gives him that look like he wants to explode. "Did you see the new guy this morning?" Nathan says "What new guy?" Adam says totally forgetting about the evil laugh thing.
  5. "You didn't hear about the new guy" Nathan says "Oh, the new guy in 8th grade" Dante says "Yeah, I think so, he's in 8th" Nathan says "What do you think about this, ____" Adam says "I've had enough guy drama for this year" you say. Then suddenly you hear a loud bang in the parking lot and a couple screams. "What the hell just happened!" Nathan yelled. Nobody responded. But only more screaming continued and all went quiet. "Tyler killed himself!" A red headed girl yelled. Then everybody tried to get closer to where it happened. Then the bell for 1st period rang. Some people tried to get inside because of the bell but a SRO came out and said "Wait, everybody stay out here!" he yelled so loud that the people farthest away from him jumped. "Why do we have to stay out here!" Dante yelled. Then you hit him gently in the shoulder "Shhh" you say. "WHY!" he yells again. "Because Tyler wan't the one who shot himself, somebody shot him" then you could hear a lot of people gasp. "Who was the girl that yelled Tyler killed himself" the SRO asked. "Me" the red haired girl said weakly. "What your name?" the SRO asks "Alice, Alice Irvin" then suddenly you recognized her. She was the girl who was talking about the demon that was watching her on the first day of school. "Come up here Miss. Irvin" the SRO said. "Then Alice slowly walked up there" then the SRO and Alice walked inside the main building. Just then the principal walked out of the building. "You may all go home because of this incident"
  6. "Do you think they will tell out parents about us getting out early" Nathan said while you, Dante, Adam, and him were starting to leave school. "No, probably not" Adam said. "Wait here I'll ask the principal" Nathan said running off. "He shouldn't have done that with a murderer out" Adam said "Done, what? Dante asks "Left to the office with nobody with him" Adam says "Oh, yeah horror movie 101 dude" Dante says. "Don't be so negative look he's coming back now" you say. "Horror movie 101" Adam whispers "What?" Nathan says. "Nothing" Adam says. "Just tell us what the principal said" Dante says. "Oh, yeah, she said no we will have to call them because there too busy to call them" then everybody dramatically says oh. "I have an idea" Adam says raising one finger in the air "Whats your idea?" Nathan asks Adam. "Why doesn't Team C.R.A.C.K just do go somewhere else and not tell out parents about the incident so it will seem like we were at school" Adam says with a devious look on his face. "Are you sure, Adam, we could get in trouble" you say thinking about what happened last night with your dad. "Oh, come on, _____, lets have some fun" Dante says. "Fine, but where should we go?" you say. "Where should we go?" Nathan says. "Lets see a movie" Nathan suggests. Then you guys all walk to the theaters and see whatever movie you decide on.
  7. When the movie was over you all walk outside "I didn't like the movie" you say "WHAT? That movie was the bombdiggidy" Adam says. "Anyway, we still have like 4 hours what do we do now" Nathan said. "I wonder who killed Tyler" you say getting way off subject. "Who knows maybe it was that Alice girl, maybe it wasn't" Adam says. "Did anybody see Drake this morning" you ask "Isn't that suspicious" Nathan says. "OMG I think I know who it was but at the same time I don't know!" you say getting really excited and yelling. "Who, who was it?" Dante asks. "The guy who is stalking me, most likely" you say. Then Adam and Dante get that weird look on there face but Nathan knows what you were talking about. "What? Somebody is stalking you" Adam says. "Yeah, when I walk to 6th period occasionally I see somebody watching me but they always run off" you explain to the clueless guys. "Oh" they both said nodding there head. "Wait, so you think the stalker guy killed Tyler" Nathan says. "Yes, but never mind is isn't Team C.R.A.C.K's job to solve this murder" you say. "Yeah thats what I was just about to say" Dante confessed. "Okay lets start walking that way" you say pointing in that direction. "Instead of that" Dante says "We should go to That Coffee Place and grab a drink and just talk" Dante finished. "Ok then" Nathan says. "But thats all the way across town" Adam says. "Don't be so lazy and lets go" you say to Adam.
  8. "What should we sing I'm bored" Adam said "Lets think of a song then" Dante said. "You guys should sing a 1D song" you said. "1D?" Nathan said "YEAH! ____, thats a great idea, lets sing What Makes You Beautiful" Adam said. "I don't know them so I won't sing along" Nathan said "Fine if you don't know them we won't sing it" Adam said "Lets sing something else than, what about Not Afraid by Eminem" you say "Thats better!" Nathan says. Then all of you start singing it I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)To take a stand (to take a stand)Everybody (everybody)Come take my hand (come take my hand)We'll walk this road together, through the stormWhatever weather, cold or warmJust lettin you know that, you're not alone Holla if you feel like you've been down the same road (same road). When you finished it you all started laughing.
  9. Then Team C.R.A.C.K got to That Coffee Place. You all sat down and started talking about random stuff. The guys started talking about how "hot" they thought Selena Gomez was. All you did in that conversation was tune them out until they said "_____ you paying attention?" you shook your head and said "Yeah I am" Then you look out the window for a while. "Oh look theres that new kid I was talking about" Nathan said. You looked to where he was looking at and saw him. He had dark black hair like Nathan's but without all the hair gel. His eyes were a bright emerald green. His lips were a pale red. His skin was white but not that pale. He was tall him and Nathan were about the same height though. He walked in and saw you 4. "Hey didn't I see you guys this morning?" he asks. "Yeah umm we go to the same school as you but your a grade older" Dante says. "Oh well nice to meet you 7th grade kids I'm Brent.
  10. "And you guys are?" he says. The guys all said there name and you said yours last. "Well nice to meet" and Brent winks at you and nods his head acting cool. You could see the anger in Dante's eyes but you could tell he didn't want to ruin yet another get together with Team C.R.A.C.K. "Well, bye" Brent says. He walked out with his coffee. "He's an interesting character isn't he" Nathan says.
  11. Once again who do you like?

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