today was the saddest day in gotoquiz

This is what happened to me. This is a true story just so you know. This is pretty much my worst gotoquiz life I had ever had so please support me after you read this :(

also, after you read this, email the GTQ guy to expel or suspend the hacker for a lot of years so he can learn his own manners and how much privacy is important to people

Created by: iupinupibu

  1. today was the saddest day of my whole entire gotoquiz life
  2. someone, found out my password for my account
  3. on gotoquiz forums, he told me he knew my password, and he told me to change it before anyone else figures it out (he didn't want to hack)
  4. I changed both (I had two) my accounts then I tried to login back to my account I always used, but now I forgot.
  5. Then, someone else found out one of my account and started using it
  6. While they were using it, they started posting account pictures. They were gross, and inappropriate *tears forming*
  7. I got so mad, that I reported his texts and comments.
  8. but then, I noticed I was reporting him, on MY account
  9. so now I got suspended. for doing nothing and trying to protect my account *crying*
  10. one of my accounts got suspended, and my other account...i don't remember it anymore
  11. I should be happy right? I changed the password so that hacker wouldn't come in.
  12. But I just lost the account that I always used.
  13. and I also feel so bad because of the pictures. go to gotoquiz forums now. my name is kittens. look at the pictures they changed *crying*
  14. I feel like my mom is watching everything I do. I let my mom down
  15. I know who this "hacker" is. His name is... "The Geek"
  16. so please email the GTQ guy to expel "The Geek". If you don't, he might even get into your accounts, he might do much worse than what you think he might do.
  17. support me please :(

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