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  • The sweetest thing a guy ever did for me was when I was in Les Miserables over the summer (It's a musical and is awesome). It was enitrely a high school cast. I was feeling kinda depressed while I was backstage (I got in a fight with my guy friend) and I was sitting on one of the set pieces (SHHHHH) moping. My friend Tyler (who I had a secret crush on) came over. He put his arm around he and asked me what was wrong, then let me cry on his shoulder as he held me. I ruined his costume, but he didn't care. Oh, and it ties with the time another guy did that for me cuz some of the cast members were giving their goodbye speeches and he did the same thing when I started crying and his name is John.

  • The sweetest thing a guy has done for me (the ones i can remember) is... when i was feeling sad and lonely, and sitting by myself somewhere hiding from the world (gosh, that makes me sound emo o.O) this guy came and asked what was the matter. he was so caring and sweet and hanged with me instead of any of his friends. the other one is when me and my gr8 guy friend was hanging out, leaning againt a tree, this snob came and started being a biatch (you know, the girl thing)my guy friend got angry and pis$ed off, looked at me and said "You know, there's a massive stick (it looked like a log) right there that i could smash her with if you want."

    one lol momment was when i was quietly working, my ex crush came, stood behind me close, played with my hair (he is way smooth =_=) and asked, "can i borrow this?" pointing to my stationary.

    Guys are real aweasome friends, not saying girls arent, but you know what i mean =]

    Angel In Fantasy
  • well..if you ask me, I don't have much experience with boys.but I remember...actually I'm pretty known in my school for being a tomboy(a short tempered,and a quite feisty one.)one of my guy friend with whom I love to spend time,once said that I would be a pretty nice girl if I stop getting invovled in fights and being such short,I made a promised to him that I would not do that again but only if he does somrthing in return for me.and guess what he said!he said that whatever I'll ask him to do he'll do it.(don't get any funny ideas,I'm not like that.geez) I guess that's it.but it's too hard for me to stay away from fights,I think I'll have to wait a while:(*sigh*

  • probably the most sweetest thing a guy ever did for me i have a lot in mind would be my crush hugged me right when i was leaving for a week and then my other crush (he left to go across the state:( ) said i was really good at one of his favorite sports :) the names Montana you know like the state! and strange thing is... my last name is an actual city in that state!!! hahahaha!!

  • The cutest thing a guy has done for me was when it was freezing outside and my mom said it was going to be sunny so I didn't bring a jacket. -_- then he gave it to me and he bear hugged me till lunch was over (:

  • Hmm... The cutest thing a guy has ever done for me...probably when for Valentine's day, this boy passed me a note that said,"Will you go out with me?" I turned around and he was smiling at me and said,"Please?" :D it was soooooo adorable and I said yes. -- My name's Claire (:

  • All the hot guys at my school are jerks. The nice ones are nerds. The hot and nice ones are gay. Its so irritating. But the sweetest would prob. Be when a boy got me a cupcake for my birthday. The name's Sophia (:

  • the sweetest thing a guys done for mee... oof soo many choices haha. I don't know which was the sweetest... all the things guys have done for me were cute but awkward... heehee. :) umm I'm not gonna tell you my real name there's already someone at school who seems to be stalking me soo creepy but you can put CJ for me. your quizzes are so great!!!! [c:

  • My boyfriend gave me a rose and said You are my everything and I love you. (: it was the first time he said that he loved me :) Sure, I'm in highschool but whatever. It was soo cutee. Oh and my name is Samantha but you can put Sam

  • The sweetest thing a boy has ever done for me is when a boy asked me out right in front of the whole school :3 it was adorable (:

  • I really can't think of anything.
    my name's Mallory :)

  • the sweetest thing a guy did for me is nothing lol


  • the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for me was when my grandad died he kissed me and hugged me, his name is jesse and mines alice


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