the ultimate charmed test

Charmed was a long running show.It ran for a whole eight seasons and saw many different characters and storylines. There is a lot to remember about it.

Do you remember? Is there anything you missed or anything you have fogotten and need to watch again. Well you can check up on your charmed skills here.

Created by: anon
  1. The charmed ones also go by another name. What is it?
  2. Who is the first sister to ever die?
  3. Which sister was 27 in season 1?
  4. In what episode does paige sing a song dedicated to someone called bobby?
  5. Julie Bennet is related to Victor how?(Think who Julie really is)
  6. Which demon breaks their own law?
  7. By what other name is Kit known?
  8. How is Paige healed after she is turned back from a nymph?
  9. In what episode does Phoebe make a buffy reference?
  10. Who pushed Leo to become an avatar?
  11. What is Wyatt's role in the school play?
  12. How long was Phoebe in the hospital when she was involved in the crash with prue?
  13. Balthazar Getty play which character?
  14. Billie freezes when she sees what object?
  15. Chris and Wyatt accidentally reveal the realationship between them and who?
  16. Charmed finished with :

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