Charmed Forever

There are 7 billions of people in the wordl but approving to me only a few can reach a score of 100% in this quiz So c'mon show me if you're a really Charmed addicted!

Are you a fan of the Halliwell's sisters? Do you think you know everything about Charmed? Try to put yourself in the game and show how much do you about my favourite telefilm!

Created by: Prue
  1. What's Prue Halliwell's birth date? (In Charmed not in the reality)
  2. The date of the first episode
  3. Who said "I'm being stalked by psychopathic and I hide in a shower!"?
  4. How many times did Penny get married?
  5. In which episode did Prue learn how to use her power with her hands?
  6. Do the Sisters take their's last names from their father?
  7. What's the final scene of all the episodes at the end of a season except in the sixth?
  8. What Piper's wish comes true on her wedding day?
  9. Why Paige can orb?
  10. In which episode did Prue "Kill" Piper?
  11. In which episode there was Cole's last appearance?
  12. Who does Phoebe get married with?

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