How much do you really know about charmed

it will mean the world to me if you take this quiz!!!!!!! this quiz is for people who love charmed but if you want to have a go you can. this quiz isn't that hard for charmed lovers but it might be for people who don't watch

So do you watch charmed if you do then take this quiz to see if you are a champion at charmed quizes. go on give it a go even if you don't watch it give it a go

Created by: cat of Charmed
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  1. Who was Piper inaged to way before Leo?
  2. What is Paige's husbands name?
  3. Who replaced Prue when she died?
  4. Why was Wyate called Wyate?
  5. How did Prue die?
  6. How many seasons has Paige been in?
  7. Who was burned alive when they went to the future?
  8. What season did Piper get married?
  9. What season did Paige get married?
  10. Who tried ruin Phoebe and Cole's wedding?
  11. Who did Phoebe get married to in season 8?

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Quiz topic: How much do I really know about charmed