How Well Do You Know Charmed?

Charmed is a cool and popular television series, having many fans and freaks about witches and demons. This quiz tests your ability about the charmed ones and the events that occured during the eight seasons. Charmed is about three ordinary people turning into three powerful witches-the Charmed Ones. They're known throughout the whole world, being known as the most powerful trio in the universe. They fight demons from the underworld while also trying to lead normal lives. Watching the series and becoming a fan of the charmed ones inspired me to create this quiz for all fans and soon to be charmed fans around the internet world.

You think you know Charmed, but do you REALLY? Taking this quiz will test your abilities in knowing about the Charmed series and the Halliwell sisters. Take this quiz and prove that you are truly a Charmed One.

Created by: Monica

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  1. Who did Prue fall in love with during the first three seasons?
  2. Who are the "Charmed Ones?"
  3. What is the magical book called in the series?
  4. What power does Phoebe have?
  5. What power does Piper have?
  6. What powers did Paige have?
  7. Who came from the future to save Wyatt's future?
  8. Who said,"She dies when I'm fourteen?"
  9. Chris proposed to whom in the series?
  10. Did Cole ever become "The Source?"
  11. What episode did Paige learn about her father?
  12. Who died, but then became a whitelighter after one of the avatars killed him?
  13. Where did Prue work at?
  14. Grams didn't want to perform the wiccaning for wyatt because?
  15. How many times did Grams marry?
  16. what demon stole the book of shadows and almost killed the sisters?
  17. who turned into a mermaid during the series in "A Witch's Tail?"
  18. What episode did Piper go into labor with Wyatt?
  19. Who are the Avatars?
  20. Did Wyatt ever conjure a dragon from a tv show?
  21. The theme song for "Charmed" is by what artist?

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