Which Charmed Character Are You?

Do you enjoy being compared to fictional characters? Do you think you would fit in with some of the families? Do you want to be a Halliwell/Matthew/Wyatt?

You can now take this quiz to find out. You might be surprised by your results. Have a go and if you do not get the result you want try again and tell friends to try it and compare your results.

Created by: anon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You ar running for a class election. Do you?
  2. How often would you use personal gain?
  3. People say you are?
  4. What animal are you most like?
  5. If you changed your look who would you look like?
  6. Who were you or who are you most likely to be in high school/secondary?
  7. What mystical creature are you most like?
  8. The job you have or are most likely to have?
  9. In the family you are:
  10. Who do you think your opposite is?

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Quiz topic: Which Charmed Character am I?