ncis&charmed&buffy freak

If you feel like you are a true NCIS,Charmed and Buffy the vampire slayer fan take the test and find out. I would suggest looking at things closely to reveal the true answer.

Only people with a close eye or just really good luck will come out on top.Take this quiz and find out if you really know your demons from your cops or your vampires from friends.

Created by: anon

  1. In charmed leo becomes an avater to bring which two people back to life?
  2. Buffy faces the master in which episode?
  3. In ncis what does Gibbs give Abby for her birthday?
  4. "Well call me butter cause i am on a roll"was quoted by what character on charmed?
  5. Willow turns dark in the episode villians on Buffy.Why is this?
  6. In ncis who is first to find Jenny's body?
  7. Paige is mistaken for who in sympathy for the damon on charmed and is consequently stapped by her sister?
  8. In Buffy who killed Robin Wood's mother?
  9. Who believes they are being fired when Gibbs approaches them in a coffee shop?
  10. Which two people connect ncis charmed and buffy the vampire slayer?

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