The Reason Why I Left You Part 8

*PLEASE READ* so idk if you read part 8 comments but a rlly mean person had to come up in my grill and had to put me down. I'm rlly tired of peoole like that trying to do that to me!!!!

*PLSE READ* so I might stop making these quizes and I might delete my account. I'm not sure. I bet most of you are happy so ya. Srry if its short its just I couldn't think of anything......

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. Hello fans!!!!! I have something to say,this might be the last quiz or not because or a little someone(MysteryEmoGirl) had to yell at me and say some stuff that I don't appriciate. So I might stop and delete my account. I'm not sure. So thanks and I will write this one and maybe ill make the next part. Oh and HATE when people come in my grill like that!!!!!
  2. You wake up in the morning and Micheal and Sean are gone. You go to the bathroom and you look at the ring. You smile and you see a note on the T.V. it said 'hi!!!!!(your name) we went to the store to get stuff! Sorry we left we just were bored. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!-Micheal'
  3. You turn on the T.V. and you fall asleep again. (Your deam) you notice its the first day of school when you first see Sean. He smiles at you and you smile back. You then see Micheal and he winks at you. You smile. You then see the first day you talk to Sean in French class when there was a partner scene. You see all the times you talk to Sean and when you talk to Micheal until now. You wake up and you see Sean and Micheal making fun of Beyoncés dancing by dancing like her and you throw a pillow at Sean. He turns around and Micheal stops. There cheeks turn red and they start dancing. You laugh and you stand up and hug Sean. You go over to Micheal and hug him(happy theres no kissing!!!!!!!). They scream together "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE!!!!!!!!" You smile and then you black out.
  4. You wake up and your on the bed. Sean and Micheal are smiling at you. "What happend?" You ask. "We don't know you just fainted." Says Micheal. You don't believe him.
  5. You get up and you go get a cookie that's on the table and your stomach hurts so you go sit on the bed. Micheal and Sean go back to dancing all weird. Sean stops and he goes to you. He puts his arm around you and you lean agianst his chest. You look up at him and he kisses you(oops I'm sorry is that bad?).you smile and you go lay down. You think your sick. Micheal comes over to you and he touches your head. Your pale. He looks at you and he says "your buring up. Man your sick! On your birthday too!" Sean rushes ove and he grabs your hand "woooow calm down man its not like she's dying!" Says Micheal. "Ya but she's alo my fiancí¨ and I need to take care of her." Micheal rolls his eyes. Looks like its gonna be a long day!!!!
  6. You cuddle up to a pillow. "That's it I can't see you so sad a blue like this. We are going to make you laugh as much as it takes." Says Sean. Micheal agrees.
  7. They keep making you laugh so hard that your chest hurts. All of a sudden, the motel door beaks down and.......
  8. So this is part 8 and I hope you enjoyed it:) I hope you understand if I stop making this.
  9. So if you want you can comment and rate. I guess you don't have to if you don't want to:(
  10. So bye:) maybe I will see you in part 9 or not....bye

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