The Reason Why I Left You Part 2

So this is part 2 in my series. In part 1, you meet all the characters and stuff and such. This one is way better than part 1 I think. Its prob cause I didn't rlly kno what to do so ya..

P.O.V. of the boys. Sean is very tall with Brown hair,blue eyes,has a lot of muscles.has a six pack,and is very strong. Micheal is tall with dirty blonde hair,brown eyes, and is very strong. Austin is tall with brown hair,blue eyes. Lazaro is short with black and read hair and brown eyes.

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

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  1. You,Sean,Ariel,Lazaro,and Micheal are all ready to go. You ride with Sean and Micheal while Lazaro and Ariel ride together. Sean had to go home will quick to grab somethings and you and Micheal are in Seans car ALONE.
  2. "So are you ready to fight?", Micheal asks you. "Ya but its gonna be hard to fight my last boyfriend.", you say. "Who said he's your last boyfriend?" Then he leans over to kiss you when Sean comes. "Ready? Took a lot of convincing from my dad to my mom to let me go."
  3. All of you guys meet at the airport. The first desanation is in Austoria,Oregon.
  4. On the plane,there was no more seets so you guys got to go in the V.I.P. spot! You sat next to Sean while everyone else scatterd around. "So",he says. "So.......are u exited?" Just then, the plane guy said"sorry to interup you guys but we can't to to Austoria because of a riot going on agianst the bloods and the crips. Instead we are taking you to california. I'm so sorry again." "We are some of the bloods Sean. They are trying to stick up for us.",you say to Sean. "Ok looks like we are on the plane for awhile.", he says. "Looks like we gonna have to sleep on the plane" as he says that,he puts his arm around you and you cuddle up next to him.
  5. You start to fall asleep when he pushes you for a sec. He moves the seat so you guys can lay down. He goes up to grab some blankets,he takes off his jacket. He tells you to put it on so you do. He then lays down,grabs you by the waist,pulls you down so your head is on his chest, grabs the blanket and puts it on you guys, and he slowly kisses your head and tells you to go to fall asleep in his arms.
  6. A couple hours later, you hear whisperers and you hear awwws. You wake up and Ariel and Lazaro are looking at you and Sean cuddling together. "You guys are so cute but we are at Cali so come on let's move!",says Ariel.Sean is so strong that you can't move move cause his arm is all the way around you. You start tflopping like a fish and he finally wakes up. You tell him that we are at Cali so he stands up. You guys walk out of the plane holding hands.
  7. Its still dark outside. You can't see anything. All you here is Seans voice. He's saying stuff like ya I'm here and yes dad I'm making moves on(your name). You sit up and your at a Motel. Everyones there and you were the only one sleeping."you now wake up?", aks Sean when he hangs up. "Ya sorry you didn't have times to make moves on me", you say as you stand on the bed and jump on Sean in the front. "You heard?" "Yep" everyone was silent
  8. He kisses you and drops you so your standing on the ground. You go on your tipi toes cause he's so tall. He leans down, grabs your waist and kisses you. You now have a boyfriend. :)
  9. "Wow"is all you can say. You look at Micheal and he's starstruck. Ariels bouncing up in down on her chair and lazaros doing the 'ya u cool' nod and doing the smile too. Sean bits his lip and he gives you a sexy smile and he hugs you. Just then.....

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