When Hearts Collide... ~part 2~

HI PEOPLE! Thank you for taking this! I love your comments, and, belief me, things WILL spice up!!! My friend, Loony Luna, is suggesting things to me, and she is a good story writer! So, i'll try and make part 3 now... maybe tomorrow! Depends if my sister will let me...

So, yer... Why do we have to do these 15O charactersss? Well, i could name 7... But then i have 143 left! :(.. So, 1. Ashley- Blonde hair, blue eyes, funny... 2. Cody- Brown hair, Hazel eyes, in charge... Darren- Black emo hair, green eyes, emo... Forest- Brown hair, green eyes, in charge x2... Jonah- Black hair, red eyes, SUPER HOT... Sky- Blonde hair, blue eyes, shy... Troy- White hair, yellow eyes, kind... Now, only 143 left to go... :(

Created by: js0cj
  1. Everyone looks at you. "___, are you ok?" Ashley asks, who was sat on the other side of you. You nod. "It's just hard to take it in..." you say quietly. Everyone nods. "Well, we better be getting home," Jonah says, and turns to Cat, who was the one who was driving. "What, home?" you ask, but before anyone could answer you, Cat started the engine, and you were driving into the darkness. You sit in silence, waiting for someone to talk to you. Maybe because it was five minutes to midnight, you began to feel sleepy, and your eyes slowly dropped closed, and your head leant against Ashley's shoulder. Suddenly, Cat spun the car to a stop, and shouted, "GET ___ AWAY!!!" You woke up, and Sky grabbed you and tugged you out of the car. You were in the middle of a forest, and you found it hard to run. Sky noticed this, and he picked you up in his arms, and leapt off the ground. The next thing you knew, the ground was slowly disappearing below you, as you and Sky were flying. In his arms, you rest your head against his chest, and soon fall asleep.
  2. You slowly open your eyes and look at the white roof. Remember what happened, and worried about why Cat shouted, you sit up quickly and look around the room. It was your dream bedroom! You can hear gently breathing coming from next to you, and you turn to see Sky, sleeping next to you, wings spread out. You smiles, and lie back down. At least you know that he's safe. You can hear talking coming from downstairs, so you decide to go and investigate. You walk down endless corridors, and it looks like you're in a mansion. You finally get to what looks like the kitchen. You walk in to find a scene appearing. Ashley and Cat are shouting at each other for some unknown reason, Jonah was making toast, and Troy and Sophia were in a making-out scene. You stand in the doorway awkwardly, waiting for someone to notice you. And, as you might have guessed, Jonah is the one to see you. "Hey ___," he says, walking over with a plate of toast. At the mention of your name, Cat and Ashley stopped shouting, and Troy and Sophia want through to the living room.
  3. "Why are you arguing?" you ask Ashley and Cat. Ashley opens his mouth to say something, but Jonah says something before he could. "Ashley and Cat are like enemies... They hate each other," he says, sighing, and sitting down at the table. You sit down next to him, and Cat and Ashley start arguing again. You turn to Jonah and ask, "Jonah, why do I have to live here?" Jonah chuckles, and then replies, "Well, because your mom is now 'very dangerous', we can't have you living with her, in case she hurts you. See, now that you have powers, nobody can't afford to loose you. Every mutant (A human with unhuman powers) is important to the world, even artificial mutants, like yourself." You smile at the fact that you are now important, like everyone else! Just then, there is a scream, and Cody runs in, covered in blood!
  4. "What the f**k happened?" Ashley screams, which, if you weren't so worried about Cody you would have laughed. "Forest..." Cody panted, leaning against the fridge. At this, Ashley, Cat and Jonah ran out of the room. You stand up from the table and walk to Cody and help him sit down. You find a tea towel and wet it and wipe the blood away, to find it isn't Cody's, but someone else's. "What happened, Cody?" you ask. He's calmed down a bit, and says, "The Pawarans (Paw-a-rans)... They took Forest." At this, you run out of the room and Find Ashley, looking at a smashed french doors of the library. "___, go, it's not safe," he says when he sees you. "Ashley, who are the Pawarans?" you ask. He stops where he is a slowly turns to face you. "___, how do you know about them?" he asks, slowly walking towards you. "Cody told me they took Forest," you say. You now notice a body lying on the floor, dead. It was wearing a ninja suit, but it was a weird colour which you've never seen before!
  5. "Who's that?" you ask, pointing to him. Ashley gulps, and then says, "He, was, Anthony Higgins. He wornked for the Pawarans, one of their best ninja's..." Ashley said, but he looked very sad. "What's the matter?" you ask, waking up to him. He sniffs, and looks down. You place a hand on his shoulder, but he turns around, not wanting to look at you. "What;s the matter?" you ask again. The, he sniffs again, almost as if he's crying. "Ashley, why are you crying?" you ask. He mumbles something, but you can't make it out. "What?" you ask, and then he says, "I'm Ashley Higgins, brother to Anthony..." You stand, shocked. Just then, Cat runs in, shouting, "Ashley, we've found where..." but she stops when she sees you. "____! What are you doing in here?" she says. She walks over to you and tries to tug you out of the room. You go out and wader about, thinking. Ashley was the brother to one of the enemies best ninja's... Forest has just been kidnapped by the enemy... Cody is in a state of shock... And you, you were just too confused to do anything. Suddenly, you realise you've came to a dead end of the corridor, and can't find a way back...
  6. Luckily, every door is labelled, and, by the looks of things, you are outside Darren's room. You can hear music playing inside, so you guess that Darren's in there. You knock on the door, but Darren doesn't here you over the song. You slowly open the door to be overcome with blackness, which is Darren's room. Black walls, black bed sheets, black curtains, black carpet... The only thing that wan't black was Darren, except his hair. He didn't see you come in, due to the fact he was looking at the back of a Greenday album, choosing a song to listen to. "Ur... Darren," you say, and he looks up, with an unusal unemoutional face. "Well, i've kinda got lost. Can you help me?" you ask, and Darren turns his music off, and stands up and walks a little closer to you. (Me: In other words, he walked about half way across the room, not all the way...) "Fine.." he says, not in a mean way. You smile, and open the door and walk out. Darren walks out as well, and you both walk down the corridor, Darren keeping his distance. It seems like you've been walking for about half an hour now, and you ask Darren, "Do you know where we are?" He nods. "This house IS really this big..." he says, not turning to look at you. You start to wonder why he is walking away from you. "Why are you trying to keep your distance?" you ask. At this, he turns around, and stops walking. "____, look, just don't worry. I'm not trying to keep away from you, it's just that... Don't worry. And whatever you don't, don't touch me... I don't want to hurt you," he says. You nod, and you both keep walking. Finally, you find your room, and Darren goes. You collaps on your bed and fall straight asleep, from all that walking. (Me: Sky has woke up and gone...)
  7. You wake up after another dreamless sleep (Me: The sleep you had from Sky's arms to this bed was dreamless...) You open your eyes to see a pair of Yellow eyes looking down at you. "Hey ___," Troy says, and sits next to you. You sit up and smile at him. "Hey," you say. "Gosh, you must be tired. It's the second time you've fell asleep today!" he says, smiling. YOu laugh. "Yea, i guess it's my brain... I'm having dreamless sleeps... I guess my power, or whatever it is, doesn't work while i'm stressed," you say. "Stressed?" he ask, but just then, Sophia storms in. "TROY EVANS! DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU'D BE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH FLIRTING WITH THAT B***H? YOU F**KING B*****D!" She's really angry, and is holding a knife in her hand. Troy, supricingly, looks perfectly calm, and stands up, walks over to her, and kisses her passionatly on the lips. Sophia instantly calms down, and kisses him back. Troy pulls away, and Sophia walks out, looking shocked. "Right..." you say, and Troy laughs, and sits next to you again. "Sorry. It keeps backfiring on her..." he says. "What does?" you ask, and he stares shocked at you. "You mean, they haven't told you?" he says. You shake your head. At that, Troy takes what looks like a walky talky out of his back pocket, and says into it, "Everyone, emergancy!" At this, a million voices come through. You can make out three in paticular. Ashley shouted, "IS _____ OK?" Jonah shouted, "F**K... Not again." Cat shouted, "What, has Ashley finally got a brain...? I knew it would end this world..." You can't help but laugh at this, as Ashley shouted back, "OI!" Everyone is quiet, waiting for Troy to say the emergancy. "Guys, why hasn't anyone told ____ about us?" Everyone was silence again, and then Ashley said, "I thought that was Cody or Forest's job... You know, that are in charge and all..." You laugh at this. Even if he doesn't mean it, Ashley is funny! Troy rolls his eyes, and says into the walky talky, "Right, everyone go to the living room, over and out," and then put it back in his pocket. "Right, then ___, let's go..." he says, and takes your hand and you both walk out.
  8. About half way down the corridor, he lets go of your hand as Sophia somes around the corner, and smiles at Troy, but pulls a tounge at you. You all walk to the living room, to find everyone in there. All ten of you sit down in the many seats. (Me: Right, i better tell you where everyone is. Cody is stood up at the front, and it looks like he's the 'very in charge' person. Next to him, sat on a rocking chair covered in pillows (MeX2: Loony Luna, like your rocking chair!) On one sofa is Ashley, Jonah and Sky. Troy is sat on a chair, with Sophia sat on his lap. Darren is sat by himself at the back of the room on a sofa. Cat is stood behind Ashley, purposly kicking his seat... You are asked to stand by Cody...Ok, lets get back) "Right people, i think we better tell ___ what we are. So ____, we, like you, are mutants... Well, you're not a real mutant, but we are. I, Ashley, Darren, Sophia, Cat and Troy have been mutants since birth, but Sky, Forest and Jonah were given powers from within about a year ago. They had the powers all along, but never could release them. So, we better tell you them. Mine is controling the weather," Cody says, and just then, a little storm cloud appeared in the middle of the room, and then dissapeared again. "Ashley, you next..." Cody says, and Ashley smiles. "Well, I can read minds," he says. You think,
  9. "Thanks Ashley... Er... Jonah, you go next," Cody says, and Jonah smiles a SUPER HOT SMILE, even more super hot then Troy's! "Well, i have the amazing powers of Fire creating and manipulating, and telepotation!" he says. "What, you have two?" you ask, but just then, Jonah was gone. Suddenly, there was a voice behind you. "Of course. So do Sky and Forest..." You turn around to find nobody there. Cat started laughing, and you turned back to see Jonah sat there again! You laugh, seeing the funny side, but stop when you see Cody roll his eyes. "Right, Forest may as well go next..." Cody says, and Forest jumps up from the rocking chair, and says, "Well, I can heal and manipulate earth, you know, make things grow, move, etc..." He smiles at the end, and sits back down, rocking slightly.
  10. "Ok......... Cat, since you're putting your footprints all over the back of the sofa, please tell ___ your powers," Cody says, and Cat sulks, but then says, "I can create and manipulate Ice..." and then starts kicking Ashley's seat again. Ashley, turns around and shouts, "CAT YOU B***H! F**KING STOP THAT!" Cat smiles, and kicks the seat harder. Ashley is just about to slap her, but Jonah pulls him back and makes him sit down. You can't help but laugh. "Cat, that's enough... I'm fed up of you and Ashley fighting all of the time. You're like cats and dogs!" Cody says, sighing... "Right, Sky... Oh yer..." Cody says, looking at Sky. "Do you want to say anything?" Cody asks, and Sky shakes his head. Cody sighs, and then says, "Well, Sky can control glass, and turn invisable." You turn to smile at Sky, but he was gone. You look around for him, but you can't. The only thing you here is a door closing down the hallway. "He's gone..." Cody says to himself, but then continues...
  11. "Troy, Wanna go next?" Cody asks, and Troy, from behind Sophia, says, "I can manipulate metal, but can't create it." You wish you could smile at him, but their was two problems. 1. Sophia was sat in front of Troy. 2. Sophia was evilly glaring at you. "Right, Darren's up," Cody said, but then Darren said, "Untouchable, pass to Sophia," and then walked out of the room. Sophia looked like she was going to get angry again, and managed to calm herself down again. "Control emotions..." she says, giving you an evil glar. You were about to say somehthing nice, but she then says, "so if you try and flirt with my boyfriend, then you are going DOWN!" You thought that was the last of the threats for now, but then she turns arounf and kissed Troy, just to show off!
  12. "Right, is that everyone?" Cody asks, looking aroound the room. It looks like it was. "Ok people, go back to your lives..." Cody says, and everyone, except you, Cody and Forrest walk out. Cody turns, and smiles at you, and then goes. You turn to Forest, but then freeze. "Forest, i thought you got kidnapped?" you ask. Forest is still for a minute, but then says, "Oh c**p!" and runs out of the room!

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